Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Finale Dress

Of all the places I expected Emily Maynard‘s rose ceremony dress to appear, Esquire wasn’t one of them.

Sure, I suspect the usual suspects: WetPaint, InStyle to beat me to the punch. But really? Esquire?

That proves it. Emily Maynard is the hottest bachelorette. Ever.

So here’s some hot scoop to go with it. Em’s final dress is by Jean Fares, and Emily loved it.

For me, it was a little gladiator wonderwoman, but I love its movement and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

What do you think? Do you love or hate Emily’s final Rose Ceremony dress? Leave it in the comments below and don’t forget to tune in SUNDAY for the finale.

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27 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Finale Dress

  1. Mrs. Jenk

    Peach is a great color for her, but it looks way too long?

  2. Anonymous

    I love the dress! So pretty! If anyone wants Emily Maynard stuff there is some on ebay. seller ed041982. Ariella ring, towne & reese sloan ring, Jessica Simpson shoes, brooke earrings

  3. Kristen

    I love it! She looks beautiful!

  4. KatieKBF

    Most unflattering dress all season. But, Emily never met a sequin she didn't like! I agree that it looks way too long for her…

  5. lpbailey

    Love it.

  6. Susanne

    Love it BUT it does look long. The color is great for her and we will surely see some different jewelry and makeup colors as this color is warmer than what she usually wears. I will most definately not forget to watch Sunday. I have already threatened everyone in the house to leave me alone until after the show is over and I will have the phone off. YES I am addicted to this season of the Bachelorette!!!! (even though I have already read the spoilers.

  7. Anonymous

    It's a gorgeous colour on her, but I think perhaps the dress is wearing her?

  8. JoJinx

    Hideous and unflattering in every regard. I am so ready for a new stylist on the show.

  9. fep516

    I like everything BUT the color… the peach just matches her skin color too closely. A jewel tone would have been much more flattering.

  10. Anonymous

    Love the color…but not so sure about the length. I agree that it looks way too long.
    Also does anyone know where to find the maxi dress she is wearing in the preview when she's talking to her parents. I think it's a green multi color one…Thx!!!!

  11. RS

    Beautiful! but she can pull off things that no one else can. She rocked that dress- length and all!

  12. Anonymous

    The dress is horrible. Bad color, too long and too much bling. This might be her worst dress of the season.

  13. christine

    love the dress!! She looks beautiful in it too!

  14. Anonymous

    I've loved most of her fashion this season but this dress doesn't flatter her. The top area looks odd and the dress doesn't accentuate her figure. Not loving the color either

  15. Anonymous

    Love the dress, Love the coral color, and Love the design and movement of it she looks stunning…I want the dress 🙂 But I am sad that Emily's fashion is going to come to an end this sunday…

  16. Kristen

    I'm hoping that after the last episode, Dana, you might be able to help me ID the gold bracelet that Emily seems to be wearing a lot on her beach dates with the guys. Thank you!

  17. Shannon

    The dress is really pretty. I love the color and the movement of the skirt. And, Esquire is right, she is the hottest Bachelorette ever.


  18. Anonymous


    Here is the link to Emily's gold twist ring from Ariella at Nordstrom.

  19. monika

    She blends in with the stucco and the terra cotta pots surrounding her; I hope this was not the actual location of the FRC. If so, then I think it is awful; if not, I've seen her in better, but it is just passable.

  20. Anonymous

    I absolutely LOVE it! She looks stunning as usual.

  21. Anonymous

    That dress was Stunning!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    What about the neon cover up/skirt… Help us find it pretty please?!?

  23. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where Emily got her dark purple dress from at the LIVE segment yesterday? I have been looking for something so familiar thank you.

  24. Anonymous

    Horrendous dress! Looke dlike the 'grandmohter of the bride' dress. Awful color, blended with the walls behind her and the pots next to her! Worst dress all season. She ususally looks fabulous!

  25. Anonymous

    Jean Fares is the most amazing designer .Anyone would be beyond honered to wear a gown from him.She looked amazing.

  26. Anonymous

    Loved the dress! Best dress of her entire season.

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