Bachelorette Emily Maynard Fashion: Episode 8 hometowns

It’s time for the hometown dates which is my favorite episode because it makes me feel so much better about my own family. From awkward siblings to dirty attic bedrooms, I take comfort in knowing that somewhere out there, there are people doing an even more bang up job of raising their kids than I am.

This week was some of my favorite Bachelorette fashion this season, and I suspect (don’t shoot the messenger) that it’s because Emily was travelling and dressing herself. I know for a fact that she hit up the All Saints while here in Chicago, and I think that was the source for her dress on Jef’s date. (Awkward, right? She’s on a date with Chris shopping for Jef. Telling? Maybe.)

What did you think of this week’s Bachelorette fashion? The Cynthia Vincent cardigan and Wildfox jumper together were one of my favorite Emily Maynard fashion outfits all season. What do you think?

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Emily’s rose ceremony dress
Randi Rahm

Emily’s cardigan

Emily Maynard’s skull tee shirt
Emily Maynard pleated white dress at Jef’s family
Emily Maynard print maxi at Sean’s house
Emily Maynard’s pink tie dye tee

Emily Maynard’s red flare jeans

Emily’s brown cowboy boots
Emily Maynard’s heather tank dress
necklaces by The Woods
Emily’s stacked wood and gemstone bracelets

66 thoughts on “Bachelorette Emily Maynard Fashion: Episode 8 hometowns

  1. Anonymous

    Emily looked great this week, but I was impressed with Chris' sweater for his hometown! Who gets credit for that?

  2. Anonymous

    Could you please find her bracelets at the rose ceremony? Thanks!

  3. Sarah Ignasiak

    Could you find out what dress she was wearing when she met Arie's parents?? Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous

    still not really impressed with emilys fashion… i feel like im still waiting for an episode where im like wow.. like i was when she was on the bachelor.

  5. Dunja

    I agree — this was THE BEST fashion episode for Emily this season, and I think the rest of it was pretty underwhelming. THIS I think, is what everybody came to love about Em`s style.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi. Love how fast you post fashions from the show. Are Emily diamond studs real or fake. Loved them and would like to know the size if possible.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes please let us know which dress she wears upon meeting Aries family as it looks slightly shorter on the show, perhaps she had it hemmed?

  8. Anonymous

    That is not the skull sweatshirt.

  9. Anonymous

    Do you know what earrings she was wearing at Sean's house?

  10. Natalie

    Sarah – I'm pretty sure that was the same dress she was wearing at the racetrack, right? Which would mean it was the Alexander Wang one πŸ™‚ I think!

  11. Anonymous

    Where is the jewelry Emily wore on her hometown date with Sean from? Blue ring and gold earrings.

  12. Anonymous

    Love the Rory Beca dress!! Wish it was still available!

  13. Anonymous

    Could you please I.d. The necklace Emily wore on the hometown date with Arie? Thanks!

  14. Anonymous

    Can you please find her black watch & bracelets on her date with Chris & jef? Also would love to know about the tiny ring she wore….. Thanks!!

  15. Anonymous

    I really want the dress she wore on the hometown date with arie!! Please find out what brand it is and where to purchase. Thanks!!

  16. Anonymous

    I think all of the beaded bracelets were Sheryl Lowe Designs. The preview of next week with the white bone bracelets and necklaces also look exactly like SLD. Beautiful pieces, I have a collection of them myself.


    Agree that this was some of her better fashion this season. I really love that All Saints dress she wore on the date with Jef – so sad it's already sold out!

    Sea and Swank

  18. christine

    I need the allsaints dress!! I hope enough people want it and they may consider bringing it back!! Dana can you work your magic?

  19. Anonymous

    I would buy an All Saints dress too if they brought it back…!!

  20. Anonymous

    Having a hard time trying to find that skull t shirt she was wearing??

  21. Christina

    You guys I ordered my All Saints Dress from their website. You can still buy it. Here is the link:

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  22. Anonymous

    I'm in for the dress, too. Also the Cynthia Vincent cardigan that is sold out.

  23. Anonymous

    Loved all the jewelry she wore, can you id any of her bracelets, especially rose ceremony ones as well as the ring she had on? Also, really like the ones she had on with the black watch, any ideas?

  24. Anonymous

    Any thoughts on the gray sweater with the white shirt? She wore it with the red jeans on what I believe was Chris' date.

  25. Anonymous

    The blue ring looks like the “Syd” ring from Town & Reese.

  26. Anonymous

    I would buy the all saints dress too!

  27. Anonymous

    Bring back the Rory Beca dress!!

  28. OverTheMoon

    The earrings from Seans hometown were forever 21 and the necklace is the rebel pendant from Stella & Dot you can buy that and the rest of her Stella & dot jewelry at

  29. Anonymous

    would love to know where you can get the earrings she was wearing on Jef's date and Sean's date??? Can you id them????

  30. Anonymous

    Would love to know where you can fine the earrings she wore on the dates with Jef and Sean?? Can you id them please?

  31. Anonymous

    Where can we find the Rory Beca dress? It's sold out everywhere πŸ™

  32. Anonymous

    I would love it if you can id Emily's bracelets especially the white bone multi bracelets thx and also her shoes the cream wedges on her date with sean thx loved all the fashion this week.

  33. Anonymous

    I would love the skull shirt – can you inquire about re-running. Count me in for one!!!!

  34. Anonymous

    Need the All Saints in a small or size 6 (only sold out size)…o goodness…. Dana, work your magic!!!! Also, the skull tee would be wonderful!!!

  35. Robyn

    Does anyone know what lip gloss/stick she wears, the pretty pink one?? I LOVE it!!

  36. Jessica

    The long gold necklace Emily wore- I believe a Y necklace was very pretty! Dana is the necklace from The Woods the same necklace I'm talking about? Thanks!

  37. Possessionista

    JEssica, the long gold necklace from the date with Sean is Stella Dot. The Woods necklace was the black beads on her date with Arie.

  38. Possessionista

    JEssica, the long gold necklace from the date with Sean is Stella Dot. The Woods necklace was the black beads on her date with Arie.

  39. Jessica

    Thanks, Dana!

  40. Anonymous

    I totally agree, best Bachelorette fashion week this season!

    I was wondering if you could id the pants Emily is wearing with the pink tie-dyed Solow top when she is getting ready for bed at home in Charlotte. They look like they are pale pink, boot-cut, and have cute pockets in the back. I so need them.


  41. Anonymous

    Thanks for ID'ing the bracelets Dana but I must say I am heartbroken knowing I will never own even one of them, they definitely don't fall in the typical gal's budget!

  42. Anonymous

    There is a seller named ed041982 who is selling all kinds of Emily's stuff. You can email him on ebay. He has her Jessica Simpson cheetah shoes, her gold twist ring, the Karen Kane tape yarn sweater, the motorcycle tee, and some of her sold out jewelry from Towne & Reese. Just FYI…

    1. Anonymous

      Sorry I’m a little late but how do I email that guy on eBay that has Emily’s stuff?

  43. Sharon Sparks

    I would like to know what her lipstick is on the hometown dates? She's worn it alot. Thanks

  44. Sharon Sparks

    Can you tell me what is the lipstick she wears all the time? It's pink or fushia.

  45. Anonymous

    I think the pale pink pants are Juicy

  46. Anonymous

    I would definitely get the all saints dress and skull shirt if they restocked them!!

  47. Anonymous

    The gray dress from racetrack and Aries date?!? Is there anything else you can find similar? That one you posted is not it!

  48. Anonymous

    What is the watch she is wearing arriving home to charlotte and chris date?

  49. Anonymous

    What is the watch she is wearing arriving home and in chicago?

  50. Anonymous

    Do you know where the grey short sleeve sweater is from that she wore with the white long sleeve underneath?? Thank you!!

  51. Anonymous

    I would love to know where her watch was from – she wore it on the date with Arie. Any clue Dana?

    So sad the Cynthia Vincent dress are sold out! πŸ™

  52. Anonymous

    Emily's style is AMAZING! Thank you so much Possessionista for doing all the hard work for us! πŸ™‚

    Can you help ID Emily's lip gloss/stick? She wears it quite a bit I think but def on date with Arie. It looks quite natural but with a soft pink tint – LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  53. Anonymous

    They are juicy pink sweatpants

  54. Kats

    I would also like to know about the grey short sleeved sweater she wore over the white shirt on the date with Chris.

    Love the All Saints dress too, it's a shame it's sold out in the US.

  55. Anonymous

    Would love to buy an All Saints dress if they reran it! Also the Rory Beca dress, skull shirt, and the grey shirt she wore over the white collar shirt. Any ideas?? Thanks for doing such a fabulous job!!!! You have such a fan following, I think we're fighting each other for the items…and as a west-coaster I feel I have an unfair disadvantage. πŸ™

  56. Anonymous

    How do I get The Woods birdie earrings? πŸ™‚ So darling!

  57. Anonymous

    lipstick color please!!!!! looks so great on emily would love to buy it!!!!

  58. Anonymous

    The AllSaints dress was in stock until a couple of weeks ago when it went on clearance, so I doubt it's coming back unless they do a redesign for the new season.

  59. Christina

    Hey guys! I just got my All Saints dress in the mail and it is too big πŸ™

    It is a US size 4 and I am normally a 2. I had wishful thinking that this would fit.

    Let me know if you're interested or want pics! I am going to sell it on ebay if I don't hear from any of you first. The receipt will come with the dress so you know it is authentic πŸ™‚

  60. Jessie

    Hey Christina,

    I would love the dress!! I'm going to message you!!


  61. Anonymous

    I love the swallow bird earrings, must have them! I'm trying to look up The Woods; what is it, store, online…?

  62. christine

    Hi Everyone, I have one of the All Saints dresses in a size 4 if anyone is interested email me I bought a 4 but it is big on me, before I return it I wanted to offer it to anyone here if interested!

  63. Anonymous

    A similar dress is available by allsaints, only shorter (which is better for the petite), more meticulously constructed than the accordian cami and available in dusk. See link below.

    I tried on the accordian cami – terrible fit.

  64. The Robinson Bunch

    the gold earrings that she had on this episode are from TARGET! they come in gold and silver, I know because I have both of them!…

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