Bachelor Pad Premiere Fashion: Jaclyn, Lindzi and Sarah’s dresses

This is the part where I get all serious, which is ironic because the subject matter is anything but serious.

It’s the Bachelor Pad.

I await Bachelor Pad like a kid on Christmas. I mean if Christmas was a day marked by drunk people having inappropriate sex and fighting.

Which may be how you do things in your house.

But last night’s Bachelor Pad was a little like waking up on Christmas and hoping to see Santa, only to find six hobos rifling through your presents wearing Ed Hardy tops.

And that’s the nicest thing I can think to say about the “fans.”

I may be in the minority here, but on a basic level, I don’t hate the idea of bringing fresh blood onto the show. It’s just that they needed to be hotter, smarter and have not had previous relations with the Situation in order to have worked.

In a nutshell, if you wanted to bring new blood onto the Bachelor Pad they needed to have something the former Bachelor contestants don’t have.

And I’m not talking about a clean pap smear.

At the end of the day, I think the reason the new contestants didn’t work for Bachelor Pad was because anyone who would have been smart enough to make this show interesting was probably smart enough to know that going on Bachelor Pad as a “fan” would be the most mortifying and humiliating thing to happen on Reality Television.

Okay, maybe a second to having a threesome with Deena on Jersey Shore.

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Jaclyn’s white beaded dress

Sarah Newlon’s black tank dress
exact: 12th Street Cynthia Vincent
similar: Nordstrom

Lindzi Cox zig zag chevron maxi

Rachel’s hot pink open back dress
Jaclyn Swartz blue open back dress

Lindzi Cox’s sequin chiffon caftan

Sarah Newlon’s blush sequin rose ceremony Dress

3 thoughts on “Bachelor Pad Premiere Fashion: Jaclyn, Lindzi and Sarah’s dresses

  1. Emily (TheStylist LA)

    Love this post! I liked Lindsay's rose ceremony dress as well.

    And obviously loved Jaclyn's picks! (since she rented from us and that white dress is a personal fave of mine!)

    And the fans at least provided humor with their heinous outfits….

    TheStylist LA

  2. Libby McFadden

    You forgot Lindzi's gold cuff, which looks like we will be seeing alot of!

    Chantilly lace cuff by Stella and Dot!

  3. Anonymous

    I want to know where to find Chris Bukowski's tie. Great tie!

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