Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Hanna’s necklace

use code PLL10 for 10% off


I’m away from my computer and TV for a few days but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing. (That would just be inconsiderate after all you do for me.)

I noticed lately that Hannah from Pretty Little Liars and I have a lot in common (hair tragedy notwithstanding.) Most prominent? Both she and I are wearing our Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy pendants. And if you’ve been following Possessionista for a while you know that

a) it’s one of my favorite pieces; and
b) it never goes on sale

Thankfully, that other Chicago Dana (Dana Levy, the Dana Rebecca designer) has graciously agreed to make Hanna’s Lauren Joy necklace available exclusively to Pretty Little Liars fans for 10% off with the code PLL10

10 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Hanna’s necklace

  1. c3e13eda-71ca-11e0-879b-000bcdca4d7a

    I own this necklace and LOVE it! (too bad when I bought it 18 months ago didnt have a discount). I spotted it on a People Stylewatch bit on the web (Demi Moore wore it). get a ton of compliments on it (rose gold).
    Love your blog and witty banter on twitter.

  2. Cyndi

    Do you know how long the coupon code is good for? I love the necklace! =)

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Whitney

    I absolutely LOVE this necklace so much, I recently purchased it for myself in silver. I wish I could get it in every color…

  4. if it peaks your inquiring mind

    target has a smilar necklace too

  5. incredible-fashion

    It's a simple nacklace but beautiful.

  6. Kelsey

    Do you know if Hanna/Ashley wears the yellow gold or the rose gold necklace on the show? Thanks in advance! 😀

  7. Anonymous

    Dana, will you see if they will extend the coupon code? I tried to purchase this necklace, but your code has expired! Thank you!!

  8. ali

    Can she extend the code???
    Thank you!

  9. Kristi

    Was seeing what color she was wearing and size of chain she’s wearing. Is there another code?

  10. Radka

    Is there any valid code?

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