Pretty Little Liars fashion: Birds of a Feather

You know, I generally go through life feeling pretty safe. I forget to lock my doors. Until recently we didn’t have an alarm system. And all of my online accounts use the password “password.”

But yesterday my PayPal was hacked and the brains behind the operation drained my account, and charged thousands to my credit card.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how it happened. Had I clicked on a spoof email? A bad twitter link. I even flirted with the idea that someone had stolen it while recovering my harddrive this weekend.

But then I watched Pretty Little Liars and now I’m pretty sure one of those little liars is the culprit. I mean, with the ease they can infiltrate medical records, police reports and secret journals, there’s no doubt that a little PayPal fraud would fit in nicely between shopping sprees at Urban Outfitters and solving murders.

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Spencer’s corset dress
Spencer’s sequin top
Spencer’s lace top
Hannah’s white ruffle top
Hannah’s yellow zip blazer
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Emily’s print tank
Aria’s print tank
Aria’s leopard dress
Betsey Johnson

29 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars fashion: Birds of a Feather

  1. Nicole Brown

    I've been desperately searching for Aria's pink spike necklace and pink earring and muscle tank if anyone can help me out?

  2. Possessionista

    Nicole the muscle shirt is TopShop. I'll get back to you with the rest.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Dana! I would love to know who makes the white t-shirt with a few black stripes that “Emily” wore in the first scene. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “I hope The Possessionista has this tomorrow!”
    Thank you!

  4. Possessionista

    The shirt is H&M I couldn't find a picture online.

  5. Nicole Brown

    Thank you Dana! That would be amazing <3

  6. Christina Rosado

    How about Hanna's green and studded tank top?? TIA!

  7. Jessica

    Do you know where Hanna's yellow floral mini skirt is from? Thanks!

  8. Cavelle

    Wow, that's terrible about the hacking. I hope you can figure out what happened and that you don't lose a dime.

  9. Shawna

    Do you know the brand of Aria's butterfly necklace? Or her pink spike necklace? Thank you.

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you! Good luck with finding the PayPal culprit!


    What about the really cute small necklace that Hanna was wearing with the yellow blazer?

  12. Anonymous

    Could you possibly find Arias tights and boots that she wore with this top–HHvpHIbzqI/T-syDg-sbVI/AAAAAAAAXxg/I8iMAP-SJ1Y/s1600/aria3.jpg ?

  13. Anonymous

    Can anyone help me with finding Hanna's green flowy tank she wore in the haleb breakup scene? I've been searching everywhere. Thanks xoxo

  14. Anonymous

    What about the bra Hanna keeps wearing underneath her clothes? The black one with the really cute cut. She wore it underneath the blue sheer top last week too!

    1. Anonymous

      I’ve been looking for this bra,as well!

  15. Karo

    Loved the fashion in this episode ! Do you know where Melissa's tan handbag is from ? And Spencers trenchcoat ?

  16. Meg

    Do you use the same password on PayPal as on linkedin? Or as zappos? Several sites have leaked passwords lately so if you've got the same email/password combo then all become fair game. Sorry to hear that and I hope it gets sorted out!

  17. Alex

    Aria's gold butterfly necklace is up on ebay. The seller says its the last one.

  18. Nicole Brown

    I'm pretty sure Aria's boots are Steve Madden “Iroquois”

  19. Christine

    Screw the clothes, I want Hannah's iPhone case! Any one Have a clue as to what brand it could be?

  20. Nicole Brown

    I just did a quick search and found this link for Hannah's phone case. Not sure about the site though…

  21. Anonymous

    Hanna's phone case:

    (this tumblr is actually really cool they post a lot of items and clothing that a lot of other sites don't have, its fun to look through it)

  22. Anonymous

    Where is Hanna's lace bra from? There is a similar one at American Apparel but it's not lined

  23. Sam

    Hi Dana,

    I was wondering if you could help me find the belt Spencer is wearing in her first outfit with the Urban Outfitters dress? Thanks!!


  24. Molly Meadows

    hi! Do you know where to get the thick gold chain Hannah is wearing with her yellow blazer? Big thanks if anyone can answer this!!

  25. if it peaks your inquiring mind

    does anyone know who this dress is by or where to get it? it is aria's dark dress with the light blue hearts

  26. anastasia

    Hi, do you know what brand Melissa Hastings’ polo dress?????(season3 episode 4)Here is a picture:
    thank you very much!!

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