Happy Endings Four Weddings fashion

I am only now just realizing that last week was Happy Ending’s season finale, and it’s future is as unsure as Alex and Dave’s relaysh.
Fortunately one thing I wasn’t left wondering about was the Happy Endings fashion from this week which included a sweater I own, a necklace I want, and an accessory I’d already written about.
Click here for more Happy Endings fashion.
Alex’s lace cardigan

Jane’s teardrop necklace

Penny’s double bar necklace

6 thoughts on “Happy Endings Four Weddings fashion

  1. Anonymous

    Do you know who makes Penny's Plaid shirt?

  2. Anonymous

    The hat…the hat..where can i get the hat!!!

  3. Anonymous

    The hat…the hat..where can i get the hat!!!

  4. Konstantine11

    I have been looking for Alex's Sweater EVERYWHERE! Thanks soooo much!!!

    1. Beyond Vintage

      Please contact sales@beyondvintage.com

  5. Anonymous

    The hat is “Deena &Ozzy” (urban outfitters)
    Penny''s plaid shirt “Divided”

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