Amber Heard’s grey studded loafer

Amber Heard’s studded loafers
I totally just remembered Amber Heard was from Playboy Club, not PanAm. Which makes this one of the most nonsensical Possessionista posts to day. And there are a lot of them.

i absolutely LOVE your blog… checking it is part of my morning routine 🙂 Im obsessed with these shoes & hoping you can track them down. Praying they’re not Christian Louboutins…..  Thanks! – Shannon

I’m not sure whether PanAm was actually cancelled, or if the show just ran its course, but either way, somewhere around Paris the Pan Am stewardesses and I parted ways amicably.

In a world where PanAm is actually defunct (and let’s be honest, American and United aren’t far behind)  Amber Heard is walking around in a shoe that’s undoubtedly more contemporary.

And assuredly will set off the airport metal detectors in any decade.

2 thoughts on “Amber Heard’s grey studded loafer

  1. Anonymous

    Amber Heard was in Playboy Club, not PanAm…

  2. Anonymous

    Amber Heard was in Playboy Club, not PanAm…

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