Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Father Knows Best

If you had asked me last week to predict with Pretty Little Liar was most likely to end up on a reality show, I wouldn’t have flinched before pointing at Hanna.

With her unresolved daddy issues, unscrupulous mother and unpredictable hair styles, Hanna seems most likely to end up on Big Brother.

But with the latest didiscovery of the Hastings clan’s skeletons, and Spencer’s history of dating boys with girlfriends (some who are their sister) Spencer just may have a future as the Bachelorette.

That is if Ezra doesn’t beat her to the small screen.

On “To Catch A Predator.”

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all screencaps C/O ABC Family.

Spencer’s geometric, black and white zig zag sweater is from H&M. (Not online)

Hanna, Aria and Emily
Hanna’s red jacket – Rachel Rachel Roy
Aria’s star print top – Trina Turk
Emily’s army green jacket
Hanna’s lace trim tee
Aria’s print Dress Ted Baker
Spencer’s Sequin Dress: Susanna Monaco
Emily’s orange dress – Ali Ro
Aria’s snake print tee

16 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Father Knows Best

  1. Hannah

    What about Spencer's black and white off the shoulder sweater?

  2. SamL

    I always want to know what nail polish shades these ladies are wearing (especially Hanna). Is it at ALL possible to ever find out that info? That would be so beyond amazing. The PLL make-up artists are seriously trendsetters in nail polish!

  3. Plami

    Love the fashion there! Great post!


  4. Anonymous

    Do you know what shirt Aria's wearing with a skull (I think) on the front. It was the scene where she was talking to her brother. I think the it was multi-color.

  5. Hockey Wife

    So happy to find your little corner of the internet! I always love Aria's clothes on PLL and I am thrilled that you have found some of her pieces! Thanks for making it easy for me to steal her style! 😉 Haha!

  6. Anonymous

    Any idea of where to find Spencer's black and white off the shoulder sweater? I loved it!

  7. Jenna

    I love your blog! I always see clothes on TV that I want to buy, but they can be so hard to find. I recently did find a ball gown from The Vampire Diaries. I was super excited!

  8. cleverandcatchy

    i actually lol-ed at your to catch a predator comment.. haha i love it. i was underwhelmed with this weeks fashions on PLL. usually i can find at least 5 things i feel i NEED but not this week. looking forward to your post on lying game!

  9. Anonymous

    any idea where aria's earrings are from? (the one's she is wearing the BCBG top listed)

  10. Anonymous

    What about aria's t-shirt? It's a black t-shirt with an aztec(?) skull on the front… Thank you! I love this blog!!

  11. kpears33

    Yes!! i would love to know where to get spencers black and white sweater.. LOVE IT:)

  12. Anonymous

    What site sells the python print top Aria wore in Father Knows Best? I cant find it anywhere :S

  13. Anonymous

    I'm also jumping on the bandwagon for figuring out Spencer's black and white off the shoulder tee! And her boots! I loved that entire outfit.

  14. Anonymous

    Spencer's sweater is by H&M.

  15. Anonymous

    Anyone know where Hanna's brown coat in the last scene is from??

  16. Anonymous

    arias spike earrings? those are the hematite earrings by rachel roy- hope this helps you!

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