Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Breaking the Code

Last week one of my readers decried my Pretty Little Liars fashion post, claiming I spoiled it for her.
To make amends for this egregious error, I’m posting this week’s Pretty Little Style post having not even watched the episode.
Though, if I’m being totally honest, it’s more out of sheer laziness than kindness.
After all, I’ve never really been the type to think of anyone but myself.
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Aria’s denim studded dress
Genetic Denim
Hanna’s blue, shoulder tie tank
Philip Lim
Hanna’s print dress
Alice and Olivia
Spencer’s Print Shirt
Urban Outfitters
Spencer’s belted sweater
Tory Burch
Aria’s cheeta black jeans
Tripp NYC
Aria’s skull tank is by Religion and is from Theodore in Los Angeles

16 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Breaking the Code

  1. Anonymous

    Just wondering if you know where Hanna's crystal necklace is from? The one she's wearing with the Philip Lim top. Thank You!

  2. Anonymous

    Love your blog- so helpful! Any idea where Arias studded choker/necklace is from? She is wearing it at the beginning of the episode when the girls are talking around their lockers. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    What about Spencer's leather sleeved trench coat?? Thanks!

    1. Anonymous

      I want to know this too!!

    2. Anonymous

      Spencer’s coat is the Keanu trench from Walter Baker!

  4. Anonymous

    Does anyone know about Aria's skull tank top?

  5. Anonymous

    I'd love to know where Hanna's mom's dress is from. The navy one with the white lace back

  6. Anonymous

    i dont know where you can find the leather coat- but i did find this of it: dont know if it helps or not.

    any luck on the studded choker? 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Aria's Skull Tank Top is by a brand called Religion. Couldn't find the exact same tank top, but found a similar one here:

  8. Anonymous

    I love Hanna's necklace from last night's episode. Anyone know where it's from and if it's one or two pieces?

  9. Anonymous

    Who are Arias animal print leggings by?

  10. Anonymous

    Any luck finding hannas crystal necklace??

  11. Anonymous

    I saw that you listed the site for similar animal print jeans, but do you know who makes the exact two tone black and leopard pants that Aria wore?

  12. Anonymous

    LOVED Spencer's leather sleeved trench coat – hoping it's much less than the Burberry version. Anyone know anything?

    1. Dana Weiss

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