Hart of Dixie Sweeties fashion

Have you ever noticed that some of history’s greatest rivalries have not been man vs. man, or country vs. country, but blonde vs. brunette?

I mean, let’s face it. There’s Betty to your Veronica. Kelly to your Brenda. Even on the Bachelor, Emily vs. Courtney.

And in Hart of Dixie fashion , it’s Zoe vs. Lemon.

To be fair, in hand to hand combat, I think Zoe would have the upper hand, er shoe.

Who do you think could win the fight? Zoe or Lemon? Leave your pick in the comments section.

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Zoe’s flecked heather sweater
Of Two Minds
Zoe’s lace dress
ALC Jagger Dress
Lemon’s ruffle front top
Zoe’s blue sweater dress
Philip Lim
Lemon’s print shoulder pad dress
David Peck
Zoe’s pleated skirt
Zoe’s polka dot top
Ulla Johnson

5 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie Sweeties fashion

  1. Fashion Meets Food

    I love everything Zoe Hart wears her wardrobe is beyond fabulous! xo

  2. Jess

    Loved the fashion this week on Hart of Dixie! And I think Lemon might be able to win in a fight against Zoe, I think she's a tough girl underneath her sweet southern facade 🙂


  3. Mrs. SE

    Zoe, duh! Lemon has some issues though, so it could be a good battle. I'm so confused w/most of Lemon's wardrobe, she dresses like it's 1965.

  4. Oh.Kate.

    Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Any idea where her tracks are from in the first image? And where do you get the pieces information from?


  5. Steph

    Do you know any details about the dress Lemon wears to the Sweetiepie dance – the lavender one? I absolutely love it, but cannot find any info on it!

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