Hart of Dixie Hells Belles fashion

I wasn’t surprised to see Zoe Hart throw in the (Egyptian cotton) towel after spending several days at the mercy of Lemon Breland clad in Scarlett O’Hara’s consignment pile.
After all, Zoe had to realize she’s not so much a southern belle and more of a fast talking, leather shorts wearing New Yorker.
Luckily for me.
Because I am not about to start tracking down crinolines and hoop skirts.
Not even for Rachel Bilson.
Zoe’s red and black striped dress and necklace
dress: Vena Cava
Lemon’s sheer gold blouse
Marc Jacobs Galaxy Floral Top
Zoes brown sweater
Madewell  Graham Sweater
Zoe’s cheetah print dress
Isabel Marant Leopard Print Dress

3 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie Hells Belles fashion

  1. Nicole Rene

    Gosh I just love their style on this show! So fabulous! Thanks for the finds! 🙂


  2. Nicole

    Rachel Bilson just makes everything look so amazing. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  3. madeline

    When i watched the first episode where it shows lemon getting her mothers necklace my jaw dropped… i have the same one!

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