Happy Endings Alex’s striped shoulder sweater for less

Look for less: Urban Outfitters Striped Shoulder Sweater
I’m often asked if I ever actually buy the things I write about on Possessionista. The truth is, more often than not, I stay away from buying these pieces, because inevitibly every time I wear something someone will say, “oh I saw that on your blog.”
And I like to be a surprise.
What I’m guilty of is buying the things I find, while searching for the things you want.
Like today, I was looking on Urban Outfitters for Kacie B’s cable knit sweater, and I stumbled upon this sweater that reminds me of Happy Endings‘ Alex’s shoulder striped sweater (but for way cheaper than Marc Jacobs.)
There’s a huge sale at Urban right now. (90210 Ivy’s mohair sweater is on sale for $2.99. No joke.)
So I guess we can all have a Happy Ending.

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