Happy Endings Fashion: Penny’s Heart and Jane’s Horseshoe on Hautelook

There’s no question that Happy Endings fashion has been a high point in 2011. And with just a few shopping days left, the Zoe Chicco charm necklaces seen on Penny and Jane would make a great holiday gift.

When I saw them on Hautelook, I had to throw together a quick post.

So that your 2011 might have a Happy Ending.

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Left: Jane’s horseshoe necklace, $130
Right: Penny’s open heart necklace $110
You know you’re getting old when you post about a horseshoe, and post a wishbone. And you don’t notice. For days. Thanks for pointing out my senility.


  1. Anonymous says:

    ummmm…you do know that the necklace you have pictured is a wishbone & not a horseshoe, right?

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