Pippa Middleton Fashion: Turquoise Dress and Studded Bag

Hey Dana, Any chance you’d be able to identify Pippa’s recent teal dress/blazer/and studded bag? The booties? Ehh. Thanks! Katie
Of late, the free world is talking about Pippa’s booties.
But for once it’s not that booty.
And sure, I give her royal hotness props for amping up her royal footwear (seriously, can we NOT see another pair of sensible wedges?)
But it was only once I caught a glimpse of that famous rearview (and the telltale button back detail) that I recognized this dress.
Not to mention, what made Pippa noteworthy in the first place.


  1. hey Dana! Do you think you could I.D. Jordan's dress that she wore for the finale of Big Brother? I would love to find it!

  2. This is a perfect example of why you should not wear ankle boots if you dont have super-model long legs….or at least pair those black boots with some black tights so you create the illusion of a long line.

  3. Love this! Today I saw the almost exact same outfit at Zara.

  4. Hi,

    Actually it’s a Zara dress. Kate has the same one.

    Carly :)

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