Modern Family Fashion: Season 3 Premiere

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Im trying to figure out where to find Haley Dunphy’s red cowl neck long sleeve in the premiere episode of Modern Family from last night.. can you help? – Britney

I want to confess something.

Before this week, I’d never seen an episode of Modern Family.

But then last week something changed.

And that something was Sarah Hyland’s impression of Glee‘s Lea Michele on the red carpet.

You see, as someone who is just not comfortable in front of a camera, I often wonder how celebrities know how to contort their bodies, faces and limbs to look svelte in front of the camera.

And while it came at the expense of Lea Michele, I have to admit that Sarah’s impression was so spot on, that I am hopeful if I begin to write about her, then she’ll continue to do red carpet impressions for years to come.

Because, seriously, I could use the tips.

Sarah Hyland/Hayley’s cowl neck sweater
Hayley’s splatter paint scoopneck top
Urban Outfitters
Hayley’s purple piped tank
Urban Outfitters

4 thoughts on “Modern Family Fashion: Season 3 Premiere

  1. Anonymous

    Best show ever!
    So glad you will be recapping it.

  2. Anonymous

    Any thoughts on the black short sleeved tribal type print shirt Sarah was wearing with her sister in the kitchen after school?? Thanks…you're the best…goes without saying…

  3. Piper Alexander

    I need to watch more Fashion Police. Voted for you again! The daily reminder is very helpful.

  4. Anonymous

    I love the floral dress she wears in the opening credits. Any idea who makes it? Thanks!

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