Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Touched by an A -ngel

You know how they say life imitates art?

Well my life imitates Pretty Little Liars.

Put the phone down. I didn’t kill my best friend or sleep with my teacher, or anything that lurid.

It’s just that while watching Aria blurt out to Ezra her teacher-cum-boyfriend that she’d kissed her neighbor-cum-murderer that I realized that I, too, have strayed.

In planning for the upcoming fall season (and it’s going to be a doozie. Just wait till you see the great shows I’ll be recapping this fall.) I have been cheating on Pretty Little Liars stylist Mandi Line.

While she patiently supports me, I’ve been spreading my emails all along the left coast.

While she builds me up, I’m already planning for who will fill her spot during Pretty Little Liars hiatus.

But, to be fair, she is the one who asked me to keep our relationship a secret in the beginning.

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Aria’s grey, mouse print shirt

Hannah’s taupe colored fringe tank
Urban Outfitters

Spencer’s cutout shoulder denim top
Urban Outfitters

Hannah’s purple capsleeve necklace top

Hannah’s Striped, drapey tank top

One thought on “Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Touched by an A -ngel

  1. Anonymous

    I was wondering if you knew the top Kate's character was wearing, in the scene where Hannah was trying on the brides maid gown. Thank you.

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