White Blazer for under $100


Any white blazers you would recommend? – Cara

I have the innate talent that wherever I go I can find something to buy. 

I have an equally impressive talent that I can find something to envy on anyone I see.

Take Ashley Hebert, who – let’s be honest – is not the most popular bachelorette of all time. And yet, I would gladly trade places with her for a chance to date JP with her abs and Elizabeth and James white blazer.

But this is real life, and I’m a married mom of two. Which means I’m not dating JP.

And I’m not spending $400 on a white blazer.

Now who’s jealous of whom?

One thought on “White Blazer for under $100

  1. briannelee

    I am the same way… I can find something to buy in pretty much any type of store I go into 😉

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