Friday Inspiration – Ondademar Wayuu Taya Bags

Stefani Bags

I have a funny habit of holding my iPhone, and as a result sending a bunch of gibberish as an email.

Despite their funny names, the Ondademar Wayuu Taya bags are definitely not gibberish. Because each one-of-a-kind bag supports the Wayuu Taya foundation, which helps to improve life in impoverished areas of Latin America, while respecting culture and traditions.

And there’s nothing more stylish than tolerance and generosity.

3 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration – Ondademar Wayuu Taya Bags

  1. hautepinkpretty

    those bags are gorgeous and for a good cause too! how fun!

  2. Jessie

    My daughter's name is Taya. Didn't know anything about this foundation but looking at it now just b/c of the name….ok and the bags 😉

  3. Taylor

    I have one, I love it!!!!!!

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