Emily Maynard’s crystal flower statement necklace

My wonderful reader Jennifer just sent me an email tipping me off about this great look alike to Emily Maynard‘s crystal flower statement necklace she wore during her interview with Chris Harrison on the Bachelorette.

And because it’s available on Ideeli, you won’t have to sell your engagement ring to pay for it.

14 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s crystal flower statement necklace

  1. Anonymous

    So are you admitting that you couldn't acquire any deets on the actual necklace she was wearing? Fail

  2. FashionablyFit

    i saw that on ideeli this morning & immediately thought about emily's necklace! how funny!

    & didn't you already post that emily bought the necklace she had on while in antigua?

  3. Molly Harper

    No “Anonymous” she already told us Emily got it in Anguilla when she was on the Bachelor. Come on, following along! 🙂

  4. JillfromMN

    This fair weather reader had haterade for breakfast! crazy girl…dana already said emily bought the necklace during the filming of bachelor at a small island boutique. Go stalk your ex bf instead of trolling the internet

  5. Karen

    She posted previously that it came from the gift shop in Anguilla. Are you admittig that you can't actually read?

  6. Sharron

    If you were actually a reader of this blog you would know she has already posted where the real necklace came from.
    Love the look alike necklace! Keep up the great look alikes!

  7. TJ_866

    A beautiful piece of jewelry! I found it interesting that she chose that one for the interview. Anguilla….mostly likely where the two of them truly fell in love. My heart breaks for them both. Hope they both find happiness in the future.

  8. Possessionista

    Wait. Did someone seriously take time from their life to troll the internet and call me out for not IDing a reality TV person's necklace?

    Fail is right.

  9. Anonymous

    If you check it out, she wore that same necklace when she was in the bar with Brad right after the final episode. Maybe she wore it to show she him some kindness.

  10. Megan

    I saw this necklace on the blog and immediately purchased, gorgeous! Any suggestions on outfits to wear with it?

  11. Lindy

    Darn! I missed it…as I'm just digging around on the internet today. Any thoughts on where to buy this necklace now? Do you happen to know the brand?

  12. AGV_Designs

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  13. AGV_Designs


    I am a designer for a small custom jewelry company based out of Charlotte NC. I am one of 3 designers for the company and the piece that Emily has on looks very much like some things we do. Not to mention the bird of paradise necklace is no where close to the level of Emily’s. We don’t typically list the pieces like the one she is wearing on the website because they are very unique and each one is different. You can email us though at knotsngems@knotsngems.com and we will gladly send you pictures. Our pieces are custom made and cost between 75 to 200 dollars depending on the size of the necklace.

  14. Anonymous

    I recognized Emily's necklace as soon as I saw it. I've worn it. I wish I could say I own it, but I found it on Rent The Runway. It's called the Sequin Enchanted Necklace and it retails for $150. I wish I knew where to buy it. I could only find it on Rent the Runway.


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