Brooke Shields Spiky Pumps

Brooke Shields has paved the way for women everywhere.

Without Ms. Shields, models would never have dreamt of becoming actresses.

Thick browed brunettes would never have embraced their bushiness, and we’d still be walking around overplucked with pencil thin brows.

Oh, and had she not opened the discussion of Post Partum Depression, The Real Housewives of Orange County would have had nothing to compete over.

And Tom Cruise might still be irrelevant.

One more thing to thank Brooke for? These Sam Edelman lorissa pumps she wore last week on The View.

Making it possible for bushy browed, depressed models to dream of one day having it all.


One thought on “Brooke Shields Spiky Pumps

  1. Amber Matthews

    I just purchased those same heels in white and love them! They get allot of attention. You can purchase them on Amazon for 137.00 and they have them in all 7 colors!

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