Bachelorette Fashion: Ashley Hebert in Taiwan

Now that Ashley Hebert has successfully worn every sheer white shirt in her suitcase, and exhausted her wardrobe of shirts-as-dresses she’s moved onto backless tops and white jeans.

And of course, my favorite moment when she explained to Lucas, “it’s not a dress; it’s a long shirt.”

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her…

Ashley Hebert’s gold/cream/yellow rose ceremony dress is Pamella Roland.

Ashley’s open back blue tank
Open Back Silk Tank $89.00 Bebe
Ashley’s  split back ruffle trim blue tank
similar: Pins and Needles Silk Ruffle Hem Tank $19.99 Urban Outfitters

I know this isn’t exact, but Millie wore it on One Tree hill and I remembered it, and it’s on sale so here’s a GREAT look for less.

Ashley’s print opening sequence mini skirt
similar: Abstract Print Skirt, $13.80, Forever21

Ashley’s geode stone necklace
Tobi necklace, $205.00, Jessica Matrasko

Ashley’s crystal earrings on her date with Constantine
KV Bijou

Ashley’s long turquoise necklace on her date with Ryan
KV Bijou

Ashley’s green, racerback halter dress

Ashley’s green one shoulder top
Ramy Brook Harriet Top (you can wear it many ways)

Ashley’s tutu
Saks Fifth Avenue

Ashley’s grey, open back silk tank

Ashley’s rose ceremony earrings
Logan Earrings
Penelope G

23 thoughts on “Bachelorette Fashion: Ashley Hebert in Taiwan

  1. ashley

    Her outfits are awful. I watch the show (or see pictures) and wonder how abc lets her dress like that. i imagine she has a wardrobe allowance and possibly a stylist. fire them. immediately.

  2. Anonymous

    Can you post the green top also?

  3. Sandra

    Wow, everything she wore last night had an open back! I guess Kudos to her for being able to pull that off! Oh, any idea on those nude color shoes that she was wearing on the lantern date with Constantine (or was it Ben – LOL)?

  4. JillfromMN

    Yes those nude heels with light pink soles! Or did she wear those before?

  5. Anonymous

    My question is- what undergarments does one wear with an open back top for some support?

  6. Anonymous

    That green Ramy Brook top she wore last night, I'm in LOVE!

  7. Anonymous

    Loved Ashleys green earrings! Looks like held by blue round rhinestone and dangled with a half (green stones) chandelier look. Where can I get these earrings? Stunning! Thanks. Dana!

  8. Anonymous

    Do you know who made the pink skirt/shorts that she wore at the start of the 'wedding photos'date?

  9. oopuy

    The blue bracelet Ashley was wearing with that blue top is also KV Bijou. The Oceanic bracelet.

  10. Anonymous

    What about the other open back top? Do you know who made that?? Thanks.

  11. Kelly

    Can you please find the H&M hoop Shell earrings? I can not find anywhere. I have been too many H&M stores and (two of them) in NYC. No where to be found. Please help. Thank you! PS I love your website. Every day after i watch this show, i come to your site. It's amazing!!

  12. Mrs. Bear

    I want that green dress SO bad but it is sold out everywhere on the internet!

  13. Anonymous

    im in looooovvvvee with the white and gold dress she wore for the rose ceremony… any idea where its from or who made it?

  14. Meredith

    what about her rose ceremony dress?!

  15. Anonymous

    Her outfits are soooo ugly. And she is a terrible model, she makes clothes look bad.

  16. Anonymous

    I'm dying to find that floral skirt/shorts that she was wearing at the start of the “wedding photos” group date. Any idea what brand it is or where I can find it? Also loved the nude shoes!

  17. Anonymous

    i think the nude & pink heels were worn before. see the May 30th post :0) too cute!

  18. stylemethrifty

    So many backless shirts! Thanks for the ID. Ashley looks great in them but I'm left wondering if the average gal can pull them off? Would love your vote on this important topic!…

  19. Anonymous

    Any idea where Ashley's rose ceremony dress came from???? I thought it was beautiful, and would love to get my hands on it!!!!! Thanks as always. Katie

  20. Anonymous

    I would love to know where to purchase let alone find the dress Ashley wore to the latest rose ceremony. I'm in love with it!! Thanks

  21. Anonymous

    Similar look a-like to Ashley's open back BeBe shirt for half the cost and add a little shimmer:

  22. Rose

    Im trying to find the hoop earrings that she wore when Constantine left the show it aired on July 25th. I thought they were just so beautiful. Can anyone help me out???

  23. Anonymous

    Is there anywhere I can get her blue open back Bebe top? It's sold out on all of the websites I've looked on.

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