A note about sponsored posts

You may have noticed that occasionally I’ve started using sponsored posts on Possessionista.

I know this may be annoying to some of you. I’d probably feel the same way.

I’ve always been honest with you and I’m not going to stop now. Thanks to a new tax law in Illinois, I am no longer a part of some of my most frequently trafficked affiliates – including Zappos, Endless, ShopBop, and more.

To supplement that income, I’ve started using Social Spark, a company that helps to solicit sponsorships for bloggers like me. 

You have my word that I’ll only work with advertisers who have a natural fit to the editorial content of Possessionista – this includes my past partnerships with Express, Monte Carlo movie and most recently today’s post about Slim-Fast. 

You also have my word that the content in those sponsored posts will continue to be as relevant to you as any other post. You’ll never see posts about the best calling card company, or men’s hair products.

And I promise that these posts will be few and far between. The content of Possessionista continues to be driven by my taste, opinions and obsessions.

If you want to discuss the nature of the sponsored posts, or anything else, I encourage you to contact me or leave it in the comments below.

And of course, thanks for reading.

11 thoughts on “A note about sponsored posts

  1. Heather

    No problem Dana! A girl's got to make that money somehow;-) Plus there have been some sponsored posts that I've gone on to purchase something because of {so your job there was done!}

  2. Anonymous

    no worries dana 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Honestly I stopped checking your blog as often because I felt like every other post was an ad. I understand you have to make money and I certainly was not paying you so I can't really blame you but I thought this post was interesting because it feels like there are a lot of ads.

  4. possessionista

    In three years there have only been 3 sponsored posts.

    I'm not sure what you are interpreting as “ads” but would love to discuss it with you further.

  5. Jennifer

    It's never surprising that those with the unkindest things to say usually do so anonymously.

  6. Anonymous

    Any time you write about a product you run the risk of coming across as an ad. You might as well get paid for it.

    Love your blog.

  7. Anonymous

    it's always funny to see how the people who've “stopped checking a blog” always manage to check them on posts like these.

  8. clarissa r.

    Don't worry, no one expects you to do this for free! As long as the content of the posts is good, we really don't mind if you make some commission out of it. In fact we like it (you help us, we help you!).

  9. Ashley

    Do what you have to do girl! Your website rocks either way!

  10. sparklesandsweets

    The only difference between this and any other blog is that you are being honest.

    it makes me love you even more then i arleady did. if thats possible.

  11. Anonymous

    I wonder how the Anon above did not complain about the numerous give-aways you did so far…Pfft. Keep up the good work we love you!

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