Pippa Middleton’s Colorblock Starbucks Dress

These pesky Middletons won’t stop dressing cutely. 

Or wearing things that (at least relatively) we can afford.

Yesterday, within minutes of revealing that Kate Middleton’s dress she wore with the Obamas was from Reiss, their site crashed. And is still not up. (By the way my contact at Reiss  promised me Reiss is making the dress available again.)

So I’m not holding my breath for Zara.com which is responsible for Pippa (my favorite Middleton)  colorblock dress.

You guys are going to crash their site now, aren’t you?


9 thoughts on “Pippa Middleton’s Colorblock Starbucks Dress

  1. Dana H.

    Today was my first visit to the Zara website, so I may sound stupid for asking this question, but how do you buy something from the site? Or is it in-store only?

  2. Cassondra

    I think it is that the US can't buy online. I can't figure out either, but google says you can buy online and everyone was excited? If you find, you should make it a blog post 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    How in the heck does one buy Zara online?

  4. Britty

    Did you know you're mentioned on Us Magazine's website as the first to know where to get the dress?!


  5. KristenMarie

    If you are in the US, you can't buy Zara clothes online. it is in store only

  6. Anonymous

    what about her white wedges? luv them.

  7. Taylor

    In the US you can't buy Zara online! 🙁 No fair… Thankfully I have a Zara close to me! If anyone is from Dallas, there is one in the Galleria! 🙂

  8. Jen | Our Life Accounts

    I really wish zara sold online, there are none anywhere close to me! do you happen to know where to get her purse? I think its the perfect spring neutral bag!


    Wow, thank god, I thought I was an idiot. SIGH. Zara is so cuuuteee

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