Glee Fashion: Born this Way

In true Glee style Born this Way was, once again, an anthem in loving oneself. Oh, and stopping high school bullying.

And while all of this is well and good, I just want to say for the record that a tasteful nosejob has never hurt anyone.

Except for Jennifer Grey.

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Rachel’s nose breaking polka dot dress
Forever 21

Back Porch Blouse
Thanks Danielle at WWEPW

Quinn’s striped dress
Kate Spade

Rachel’s Polka Dot skirt in class

Rachel’s Polka Dot Skirt During the Flash Mob
Preppy Polka Dot Skirt

Juicy Couture


Forever 21 Sailor Contrast Dress
ID’d by Fashion of Glee

screencap via FashionofGlee
Santana’s White Blazer with black contrast lapels
Similar Blazer with contrast lapel, $129.00, Zara

Can you ID it? I’m thinking F21

Can you ID it? I’m thinking Anthropologie

14 thoughts on “Glee Fashion: Born this Way

  1. Marilyn

    question- do you know what the shoes were that quinn was wearing in this episode?

    there were some brown booties and then there were the open toed shoes with socks when she wore that red striped dress?

  2. Lily

    Any idea about the keys Kurt was wearing around his neck during the 'Somewhere Only We Know' scene? Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Dana! Do you know where Santana's bright pink skirt is from? I've been searching for the perfect one and I love the one she's wearing. Thanks!!

  4. AmandaBBC

    Hey, I'm pretty sure the skirt Quinn wears with the Back Porch Blouse is the Sugar Work Skirt, also from Anthropologie. Am I right?

  5. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where Quinn's beige sweater that she had over her Born This Way t-shirt is from??

  6. Anonymous

    Do you know where Quinn's clothes were from when she was wearing that white dress, blue cardigan, and scarf?

  7. lapetitgateau

    Amazing blog, do you happen to know where Quinn's short brown boots are from? I adore them 🙂

  8. Lillian

    I want to know where Santana's outfit during when she and Karofsky are announcing that they are creating the anti-bullying club please. (: Thank you!

  9. John

    Does anyone know where the sweater/cardigan that the psychiatrist was wearing was from? It was STUNNING!!

  10. denimdreams

    Amanda I was just going to post that it was definitely the Sugar Work Skirt- I just got around to watching last week's episode. I have a minor obsession with that skirt, lol.

  11. steph_alt24

    Does anyone know where to get that adorable dress Tina was wearing during Kurts Solo performance in this episode? i want it so bad! lol

  12. xoxbreyoxo

    I just found the dress Q wore with the purple cardigan on ebay. It is Maggie London from Nordstrom

  13. xoxbreyoxo

    I just found the dress Q wore with the purple cardigan on ebay. It is Maggie London from Nordstrom

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