Emily Maynard’s Lipstick

I just finished the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and I have to confess that I saw many similarities between the title character and myself.

We’re both compulsively driven to find answers, we’ll cop to questionable means to crack a case. 

And we both deserve to have books written about us.

To wit, in all of my correspondances with Emily Maynard, I have never been able to get her to reveal her Bachelor lipstick color.

So, like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in espadrilles, I had to play hardball.

I threatened to reveal that she wears lipgloss from Wet & Wild.

And finally Emily cracked.  

But then she just pulled out a nude liner and put some vaseline over it, and soon her lipstick was as perfect as ever.

Here are some of the lipsticks Emily wore on the show.

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Blankety lipstick,  $14.50, M.A.C.

Guerlain Blondie lipstick, $46.00, Sephora

22 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s Lipstick

  1. Heather

    I would be the first in line for your book signing 🙂

    And Wet n Wild? ewww.

  2. Ana Sofia

    Thank you Dana!! So so much!! If not asking too much, can you find out what blush and eyeshadow she wears? You are awesome!! Like a beauty detective! I'm a fan!

  3. Anonymous

    Amazing Dana!!! How do you do it!?? Thank you so much for sharing this info! We love you and your blog 🙂 Can you now somehow find out what blushes and eyeshadows Emily uses? I have no doubt that you will 😉

  4. Amanda

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST!! Thank you!!

  5. Anonymous

    THANK YOU!! ya I agree with the above comments, blush and eye shadow!! Also can you get the low down on how she does her hair? especially for the first night she met Brad, with those curls! thank you soo soo much!

  6. Lindsey

    I'm starting to wonder if Emily thinks we are all crazy… Oh, well if she does! Thanks Dana!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Would you be able to ask her what lipstick they used on her for the People mag shoot? Also what kind of eyeshadow she wears?

  8. Mrs Spanglish

    Love this post! Keep up the amazing beauty detective job! Maybe something like that should be the name of your book 🙂


  9. Anonymous

    lips: the gateway to ecstasy. But good liptick makes you even better. My mom always said,”you'll feel a lot better if you put a little lipstick on.” Love from Rubybeets

  10. Lisa K.

    Thank You, Thank You! I am crazy about lipstick. I just wish I had more places to shop for this fabulous makeup. I have to drive 1 12 hours to get anywhere with decent makeup brands. Thanks so much! Online ordering her I come. 🙂 Loving your blog!

  11. Anonymous

    really really love your blog, I check it everyday 🙂 i really really really want to know what kind of blush emily wears??? her makeup is always flawless, again im asking you to help us girls out 🙂

  12. The Schaffnitt's

    You are simply amazing! I love your blog! Keep up the awesome work!

  13. Brie

    Lindsey, I agree. We ARE all crazy but I'll admit I'm taking notes as we speak and maybe (just maybe!) heading to the mall tonight. haha! Thanks Dana! You rock, per usual!


  14. Anonymous

    I so concur that sweet emily probably thinks we're all a bit nuts! I hope she's flattered tho that we want to know EVERY single product she uses! I 3rd the blush/eyeshadow/and dare I ask mascara too?! Thank u for asking Emily on our behalf! pass on the <3...haha the crazy Emily fan <3! 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    First of all, you are so awesome for finding this info–I have been dying to find it! You rock, Dana! Just one more question–I looked these up and noticed that none of them are that berry/mauve/purply pink color that she had on sometimes. At first I thought it was the Makeup Forever one but I noticed it's listed as the vibrant coral and not the magenta one. Any scoop on the plum-ish color she wore a lot? Thanks for all you do! Oh so helpful for us gals!

  16. Amanda Leigh

    ok so after reading all these comments… im sure Emily is a lil freaked out… it appears we all want to skin her and wear her.
    Or just try to make our “average” selves come across as beautiful she is. whatever. I actually took her headshot from the Bachelor cast to my wedding day makeup artist and had her try to mock the makeup. Didnt quite work.
    Soooo can we get a low down of the colors she is wearing in her headshot? The smokey eyes.. I love them! and which lipstick is it?

  17. Lindsey Leigh

    when are you going to get an Emily interview like you did the other contestants? or is there one already that I have over looked?

  18. Jenna

    Dana- could you id the nude flats, and grey sweater emily is wearing in this us weekely photo?! http://www.usmagazine.com/momsbabies/news/brad-womack-bonds-with-emily-maynard-and-her-daughter-5-2011303

    Thank you!

  19. Anonymous

    Dana love your site!!! I just went to the Sephora website to purchase the Makeup Forever Full Coverage in Vibrant Coral. The only gloss shown is the color “light orchid”. Any suggestions as to where i can find the coral color?? Thanks!

  20. Anonymous

    Anyone know where i can find the; Makeup Forever in Vibrant Coral?? All that is listed on Sephora's website is “Light Orchid” ??? Thanks!

  21. Anonymous

    what is her eyeshadow? It's like a silver-grey? So pretty!!!

  22. Anonymous

    what is her eyeshadow? It's like a silver-grey? So pretty!!!

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