Brothers and Sisters Fashion: Rose’s sequin shoulder sweater

My friend got me hooked on your Possessionista site & i check every day it seems! Haha I wanted to email you and ask if you could look for this top I loved on the episode of Brothers & Sisters “The One That Got Away.” It was the valentines episode and it is the new character Rose, Tommy’s new wife. She is wearing this greyish brown color quarter length top w/ gold sequins on the shoulders. I love it b/c you could wear it to work but also out so let me know if ya hear anything!  Love the site & love your style and comments you make as well so keep up the good work & entertaining us out here in the world =] Thanks, Ginger B

For every bad show I’m watching (Bad Girls Club, 90210 and The Bachelor) there’s an equally great show that I’m missing out on. I get tons of requests from Brothers and Sisters, How I met your Mother and Private Practice. 

With the tragic cancellation of Melrose Place, my TV schedule allowed for me to start One Tree Hill but unfortch some of the best shows on TV (at least fashionwise) are the ones I’m not watching.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I scored this picture of Rose’s sequin shoulder sweater. And my amazing reader Ginger scored a new sweater.

Something tells me we’re both going to be renewed for another season


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