Bachelor Fashion: Exclusive Interview with Michelle Money

You may have heard of Michelle Money, the most polarizing bachelorette since, well, ever. 

With her snarky side commentary and almost unfallible fashion (we’ll agree to disagree on her Women Tell All outfit) Michelle Money made Mondays unforgettable. 

The Salt Lake City stylista sat down exclusively with Possessionista to dish about the dress that got her kicked off the show, the secret behind the bachelorette tans and reveals that she knew exactly what she was doing when she stepped out of the limo in that House of Dereon Animal Print dress, and into our hearts.

Our black, stone, cold hearts.

Possessionista: It’s obvious you thought a lot about what you wore for the show. Just how many suitcases did you bring and what was inside them? 

Michelle Money:  I packed 8 suitcases instead of the 3 suitcases the suggested.  I paid $500.00 extra when I left Salt Lake City just on extra bags! And leaving Anguilla? $900.00.  Each suitcase had its own category:  two for shoes, one for tops, one for bottoms, one for dresses, one for toiletries,  one for cold weather conditions and yes, an entire suitcase of jewelry and accessories!   That suitcase barely made it through customs in Costa Rica! I held up the entire cast and crew while I tried to convince security that I wasn’t selling jewelry.  The only reason he beilieved me is because I showed him two suitcases of shoes that were all a size 8…..proving that I was most definitely no criminal.  Just a very high maintenance traveler! 

Possessionista: I got a ton of requests right off the bat for your Dereon dress on the first night. What was your favorite fashion moment on the show?

Michelle Money:  Before I left I found this amazing sweater  from Literature Noir.  It is zebra print with gold buttons on it. I wore if over my swimsuit the night of my first kiss with Brad!!! I wear that piece all the time.  Over almost any t shirt and tank! I love to mix the pattern with something unexpected.  Like a Van Halen t shirt or something.  Love that one.

I also really loved that dress I wore on my last episode.  With the beading on the front.  I bought that at the resort there with a few other dresses.  Emily and I went on a bit of a shopping spree there!  

Possessionista: Speaking of your House of Dereon animal print dress,  I know there’s a story behind it. What’s the scoop

Michelle Money: Prior to leaving for the bachelor, I was on a mission to find the perfect limo dress. I was having a hard time finding something that spoke to me.  But around 2am while surfing the Internet I found her.  I have never seen a dress that has made my jaw drop like that one!  But as it would happen, it wasn’t’ available until October which was far too late.  I sent off an email to my stylists. Operation: Limo Dress was in effect.  After a week of unsponsive calls and emails I was just about to give up but 3 days before I left, House of Dereon called us back and said they would send it!  It was a Bachelor fashion miracle!  I received the dress the day I left for the Bachelor. The producers were not crazy about this dress when I put it on for them.  It left me feeling a little unsure.  But then the stylist on the show fell in love with it!! He warned me that people would either love it or hate it and that it would most definitely be talked about.  But that is what I love about fashion.  Making a statement.  So that is exactly what I did!  And after we shared that amazing night together, I kissed her and held her one last time and then I sent her back to Beyonce. And I have missed her ever since.  

Possessionista: Watching it back, did you ever wear anything that you regret?

Michelle Money: I really didn’t watch much of the show.  It only pissed me off and I found myself swearing and yelling a lot so I decided to get massages every Monday night instead.  So, I am going back to my memory of what I wore but my biggest regrets from the show are not wearing make up during interviews,  Not doing my hair before interviews. Oh, and most of the talking I did during the interviews. Other then that, I was ok with everything else!! 

Possessionista: You made it pretty far. Were you running out of clothes or were there pieces we never saw?

Michelle Money There was a whole suitcase packed that never got opened while filming the Bachelor.  It was all my cold weather clothes!  I had a pair of Anthropologie extra wide leg trousers from like, 4 years ago and they are amazing!!!  I also brought this jacket that buttons up asymmetrically with the folds of the fabric. The collar wraps around and almost looks like a scarf.  It is from Anthropologie last fall.   I actually wore it in “Midway to Heaven”  Oh! I am also wearing my favorite wide leg slacks that I mentioned earlier with it!! OMG! I totally forgot! Cute!! Go check it out! Comes out on DVD in mid April!  I also have a  fur coat that I wanted to rock with these Rich and Skinny jeans that are super tight and sexy.  I wanted to wear it out on a date with these Stuart Weitzman heels but instead, I wore a hemet and harness.  Not quite as sexy. 

Possessionista: Tell me a little about your beauty regimen? What kind of makeup do you use? 

Michelle Money:  I love Bobbi Brown and her natural take on beauty.  I use the brightening lip gloss in peach, pale pink blushCocoa and Camel eyeshadow, Gel eyeliner, Pale Pink lipstick  And all of her brushes!!

Possessionista: Your monogram necklace created major fashion buzz. What were some of your favorite accessories on the show? 

Michelle Money:  I really love jewelry.  I love House of Harlow, Jennifer Zeuner ( my squiggle initial necklace and bracelet!)  and the chunky necklaces from Express online also Anthropologie has amazing unique stuff I love.  I have a few pricey pieces but I will admit that the majority of my jewelry collection is from Forever 21!   I am more into costume jewelry then designer stuff.  I really don’t love David Yurman or any of that stuff.  I am not into jewels or diamonds.  I really just like unique pieces and layering pieces.  I love to layer necklaces and I love wearing a big ring.  I haven’t been wearing earings much lately.  Mainly because the necklaces I have been into  are statement pieces that need no more.  

Possessionista: In Costa Rica and Anguilla, all the girls were rocking little braids and I hear you were the source of them. I also know you all shared nail polish. Tell us a fashion or beauty Bachelor fun fact.

Michelle Money:  Emily and Britt both used the Temptu airbrush system on the show and when I got home I got one and have been in love with it!

Possessionista: What are  your fashion splurges? What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to shopping? 

Michelle Money:  So I have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to shopping. Lululemon workout apparel. So comfortable and sooooo cute!  It is very hard for me to leave a store without either a Define jacket or a Power Y tank.   I also LOVE coats! I am a sucker for a great fitting trench coat! Anything that ties at the waist and has a big collar is my favorite!  I went to Desigual and got an amazing coat this winter that is so unique and very flattering!  I love that store for coats now! 

Possessionista: What’s your daily uniform? What do you wear when you’re not on TV?

Michelle Money:  I am usually always wearing are Lululemon,  Rich and Skinny jeans,  Robert Rodriguez and randoms from forever 21!! I have really been into mixing edgy and feminine pieces together.  I like looking like I didn’t put too much effort into my outfits….they just happen to look good!

Possessionista: You mentioned you turned 30 during the show (haha!) how does that influence the way you dress? Do you think women in their 30s should dress differently than they did in their 20s?

Michelle Money: Now that I am 30, I have found that I really have evolved with my style.  I think it has become more personal and care free.  I have found that now a days,  anything goes.  As amazing as the current trends and fashion statements are this upcoming season, I think that there are very few things that really just don’t work.  When it all comes down to it, fashion should represent who you are and what you feel confident in.  And we are all so different! Which is why fashion is so fun!  So if I see someone wearing shape up shoes with a spandex mini skirt and plaid button up…..I say….go get em tiger! If you feel amazing in it then rock it!  It really doesn’t matter what anyone else says!  And I have also had to become more open minded about the fact that some people just genuinely don’t care about the clothes they put on.  It is really the last thing on their mind.  It is so foreign to me, but it is just the way some people are wired.  And its ok! 

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10 thoughts on “Bachelor Fashion: Exclusive Interview with Michelle Money

  1. Aly

    I loved watching michelle's outfits on the bachelor, they always look so effortless… its too bad we couldnt see more

  2. Anonymous

    awesome interview! so are you saying that they used the TEMPTU airbrush system for the tans? it's usually used for foundation, didn't know it was for tans… thats the only thing in the interview I could find about the tans. thanks alot for your amazing site!

  3. alaskarella

    I LOVE MM Style! Def my favorite TV fashionista since Carrie Bradshaw. Thank you for this interview, it is the best part of my day… so far …. can't wait for tonight!! EEEEEEEK!

  4. alaskarella

    I LOVE MM Style! Def my favorite TV fashionista since Carrie Bradshaw. Thank you for this interview, it is the best part of my day… so far …. can't wait for tonight!! EEEEEEEK!

  5. kristen

    Great interview! I wish she would've told us how she gets her awesome (hair) waves!

  6. Anonymous

    She's definitely a ridiculously gorgeous person, like Britt said, but most of all, she's very straightforward and honest. I LOVE her sense of fashion and yes, just like Carrie Bradshaw, very edgy and she doesn't care if it goes to the Worst outfit in the magazine. That's what I've learned from Carrie Bradshaw, as long as you're making a statement, that's what matters, some would love it, some wouldn't. All that matters is you're confident in wearing them, just like Michelle Money. I think she should be the next Bachelorette, not Ashley. That would be more beautiful outfits to watch and funny than ever comments…

  7. Anonymous

    Great Interview & love your blog!

    I was curious to know who pays for all of the clothes?! And she mentioned there's a personal stylist…do they go out and find rose ceremony outfits for them?

  8. Anonymous

    Awesome interview, i was dying to know where she got her pendant..
    She is gorgeous and funny, she was my fave, and def someone we will always remember…
    And on twitter she just said where/how she got the tan! (@moneymichelle)

  9. Anonymous

    Where did she get the necklace she wore on the final rose episode? Its amazing…I have to have one!

  10. Jessi

    Where did you buy your awesome turquoise cuff you wore to the women tell all?

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