Glee Fashion: Win Rachel’s star necklace on Glee from Ryan Ryan

Rachel’s new star and diamond necklace on Glee by Ryan Ryan, $195.00

They say when one door closes another one opens.

In Glee’s Silly Little Love Songs we said goodbye to Finchel. 

And hello to a brand new Ryan Ryan necklace.

The star necklace Finn gave to Rachel for Valentine’s Day on Glee last night is another Ryan Ryan custom piece (first ID’d here) not to mention a TDF Valentine’s option for Gleeks and non-Gleeks alike. This tiny star and diamond necklace is available in white, yellow and rose gold.

And one lucky Possessionista will win one exclusively from Ryan Ryan and The Possessionista. 

Which is a much better Valentine’s Day gift than a serenade at the Gap.

Or Mono.

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Neena P of Chicago.

Possessionista Ryan Ryan Star and Diamond Necklace Giveaway Terms and Conditions: No purchase necessary. The prize mentioned in this giveaway was generously donated by Ryan Ryan Jewelry. The Possessionista does not accept money or gifts in exchange for these items. The companies featured in Possessionista Giveaways did not pay to participate in the Giveaways. Winners will be chosen at random, and odds of winning depend on the number of entrants. The Possessionista is not responsible for late, lost, stolen, illegible or incomplete entries which will be disqualified. By entering the Possessionista Giveaway, you give your consent to the prize-giving company to use your email for future marketing.  Only one entry per person per giveaway.  Giveaway closes on 2/15/2011.  Prizes are not refundable or returnable. They are regiftable, but that’s just tacky

19 thoughts on “Glee Fashion: Win Rachel’s star necklace on Glee from Ryan Ryan

  1. Savannah Hink

    Omg!! Please let me win! I don't have the money right now and I cant afford this. I love your site and I tried for the other one and didn't succeed. Please I am a huge fan of glee and especially Rachel. I love that you are giving the people that aren't able to get stuff like this chances. Thank You so much.Love Your Fan, Savannah Hink

  2. Savannah Hink

    Hello Posenista, I recently just entered in 3 times and I then read the rules. Will this terminate my entry? I hope it dosent Im so sorr. Here's a lesson for everyone, READ THE RULES! Thank You. Savannah

  3. Savannah Hink

    Dear Possessionista,
    I recently entered this contest 3 times and then read the rules, will this terminate my entry? Thank You, Savannah H.

  4. Melanie

    I can't wait for the winner to be announced. hope I win!

  5. Skwishee

    Love this necklace – definitely would not re-gift if I were lucky enough to win it! 🙂

  6. The Coexist Cafe

    This is SO awesome, thank you for holding this comment! And now I have a new blog to enjoy! 🙂

    – Stephanie Fox
    The Coexist Cafe

  7. Allie

    Love glee!!!! Amazing show! I LOVE your blog soo much!! Hope I win :)) your fan, Allie

  8. Elz

    Love GLEE & the necklace. What a fun giveaway!

  9. Stephanie

    Love this giveaway (and your blog!)! Hope I win!

  10. The Southbay Newlyweds

    Love that necklace!!! Fingers r crossed!!

  11. Bridget

    I commented yesterday but it never showed up. Please let me win! I love Glee and Rachel is my twin! We both have the same dream and even before the show started I would put gold stars around my room and such. I know what it feels like when people put you down and tell you your dream will never come true. Rachel and I have so much in common and right now I do not have the money. So please I would love to win this necklace! Thank you Bridget McGuinness

  12. Bella

    Wow I love this! Thank you ao much for the giveaway!

  13. Jane

    This is so weird. I was literally just re-watching this episode and thinking to myself how I wish I had a necklace that was so simple and yet so gorgeous at the same time!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! Whoever wins this is going to be such a lucky girl or boy! Good luck to everyone else entering! 🙂

  14. Anna Bac

    Omg!! Please let me win!! I love Rachel and I always get the stuff she wears thanks to your blog!!! This will expand my collection and give me the ultimate Rachel Berry look, I cant afford this necklace so please make my dream come true. Please please please. BTW I love you blog soooo much!! Thanks

  15. Anonymous

    Oh shoot! I just read the rules as well! I fell so dumb! I hope that me entering more than once won't make me ineligible!

  16. Cassandra

    Is this really happening?!?!?! I love that you are giving away this product. I love glee and everybody in it, there fashion is amazing but unfortunately I can not afford any of it. I hope I win and good luck to everyone else!! I wish everyone could be a winner. Thank you Possessionista! Cassandra 🙂

  17. Savannah

    Oh I can't wait for the winner to be announced! I wish everyone the best of luck. May the odds be ever in your favor. 🙂

  18. Nikki

    Not sure if my first comment posted because I don't see it. I am absolutely LOVING this neckalce, it is so adorable! When I saw it on the Glee episode I just had to have it! Thanks for finding it for us! Good luck everyone!

  19. elle

    I can't wait to see who won this (I'm really hoping that's it's me, but you know ;).

    Like Nikki said, thank you for finding who made it and everything. It really is beautiful.

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