Bachelor Fashion: Hometown Dates – Ashley’s boots, Emily’s Blue Dress and Shawntel’s sequin shoulder dress and Ashley’s Sequin rose ceremony dress

Last night were the hometown dates. And Brad got a glimpse of  his future with each of the final four women.

Should he choose Chantal, we can expect Brad to make a cameo on the Real Housewives of Seattle.

If he ends up with Ashley, he’ll be living Northern Exposure.

Life with Emily Maynard will be like Teen Mom.

And with Shawntel? Six Feet Under.

This week’s best looks include Emily’s one shoulder blue dress, Ashley’s sequin cream rose ceremony dress and her foldover cuff boots. Still looking for Emily Maynard’s turquoise ring, and the hometown outfits for Shawntel and Emily.

Ashley’s sequin and cream sheath
Figure fit sequin dress

Ashley’s black cuff leather boot

Shawntel’s sequin shoulder turtleneck sweater dress
no longer available

Emily blue dress ruffle strap

Reader M tipped me off on this one shoulder blue dress is a deadringer for Emily’s blue dress ruffle one strap
Emily’s one shoulder rosette strap stretch dress
$238.00 (Ask them if they’ll price match the $198 at Christina Dresses)
New York Dress

Emily’s flat black boot
Similar: Roady Boot
Steve Madden
exact are Target posted here

Emily’s turquoise ring

42 thoughts on “Bachelor Fashion: Hometown Dates – Ashley’s boots, Emily’s Blue Dress and Shawntel’s sequin shoulder dress and Ashley’s Sequin rose ceremony dress

  1. Lauren

    Please please please ID Ashleys watch and Shawntals dress!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I was wondering if you knew where Emily's black boots came from? You are awesome!!

  3. lindsay

    I LOVE the dress emily wore tonight! Are you able to tell me where to get it?

  4. Lauren

    & Shawntals dress from her hometown date too! This episode had such cute outfits!!

  5. Rachel

    So excited about the boots…ordered them also! I have been in dire need of a great pair of black boots and that sale price was too good to pass up! Thanks for the info!

  6. Anonymous

    Emily's blue dress and earrings on the night of the rose ceremony. Also, her black shirt on her home town date. Ashley's white t-shirt!!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi – Could you ID Miss Emily's jeans and boots from her home town date. Her jeans looked like they had a tiny red square on the pocket but couldn't tell!? Thanks!

  8. Anonymous

    What dress was Emily wearing tonight at the rose ceremony?

  9. Breanne

    almost bought that forever 21 dress for new years eve … lots of forever 21 outfits on the girls this season

  10. Anonymous

    Have you found out where Emily got her dress from yet??? It was gorgeous!! The royal blue one shoulder sweetheart top!

  11. Anonymous

    If you could please find out about the black ring Ashley is wearing on her hometown 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Ashley's coat and earrings!!

  13. Anonymous

    Hoping you know info on Emily's boots on the hometown date. Thanks much!

  14. Anonymous

    Hoping you have info on Emily's cute boots on the hometown date. Thanks much!

  15. Chrissy MacCEO

    I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to find out what simple white tee Ashley was wearing!! Oh, and thanks for hte tip on the boots – just ordered them! $25 is a STEAL!

  16. Stephanie

    Do you know who makes the brown cowboy boots Shawntal wore on her hometown date?!

  17. Karla

    Omg, Emily's blue dress! It was adorable! Please, please!!!!

  18. Karla

    Emily's blue dress!!! Please, please, please!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    I second (or third)the request for Emily's blue dress! Super cute!!

    Also – I've already spotted something for next week — Emily's boots that she wears with shorts in South Africa…they looked super cute, for what I saw of them in a split second!

  20. Brittany

    Ooh and Ashely's dress too?

  21. Sandra

    I'd love to ID or find a similar pair of Ashley's earrings and Shawntel's brown cowboy boots. I see other comments of those wondering the same thing! Hope we can find them!

  22. Emily

    I think Emily's turquoise ring is an old one from the now defunct store Harold's.

  23. Amanda Leigh

    Thank you for not IDing Chantals rose ceremony outfit. The only thing missing is a few grey strands

  24. sarah_x.o

    I agree with the comment above. Chantal's dress was an epic fail for me. It didn't look flattering at all especially with her hair done up the way it was. I am so glad that I did not find it here. Thank you, Dana.

  25. m

    I think this is Emily's dress. Check it out!
    It's called the Jasz Couture 4211 One Shoulder Cocktail Dress.

  26. Anonymous

    Ashleys watch PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

  27. Anonymous

    I would also love for you to find out where Ashley's plain white t came from! It looks so simple and cute!! You are so amazing!!!

  28. Anonymous

    Shawntels cowboy boots please 🙂

  29. Kimi Snow

    Another option for Emily's turquoise ring. These can be stacked!

  30. Anonymous

    Please post the website where you got Emily's boots for $25 dollars cuz The Steve Madden boots are expensive…many thanks 🙂

  31. Christine

    Is anyone else having trouble with the link to Emily's dress? I have found it on other sites, but with a higher price tag. Please let me know if anyone has been able to access the site and find the dress. Thanks!!

  32. Anonymous

    I just purchased boots similar to the Steve Madden boots today. I found two places that were carrying very similar boots. I purchased the $60 boots from Famous Footwear on the clearance rack. HOWEVER, I also found the same boot but with a navy blue zipper at Shoe Carnival for $30. I chose the $60 pair because of the feel of the leather for me and I liked the buckle better. BUT they were VERY VERY similar to each other and to the Steve Madden boots.

  33. Anonymous

    The boots that are similar to the Steve Madden ones that I purchased at Famous Footwear are called Unity by Carlos Santana. Normal retail lists them at $104 but again I got them on clearance for $60. They had them in black with a blue zipper in back like the Steve Madden boots and also in brown with an orange zipper.
    I do not however know what Shoe Carnival was calling their similar style with the navy zipper. Sorry hope this helps some.

  34. Anonymous

    Similar Emily boots at Famous Footwear are called Unity by Carlos Santana. Style is Women's Highway. Forgot to include that in my last message.

  35. Anonymous

    I would love to find a look-a-like sweater-dress of the one Shawntel wore on her hometown date. It was super cute!!

    Any ideas would be awesome!!


  36. Kerrie

    I LOVE that the girls this season are wearing clothes that are actually affordable from stores like H&M and Forever 21. I am 31 years old and love to shop at Forever 21 for staple items like shawl collar sweaters and tops for layering. The prices are so reasonable and it lets me stay on trend but not break the bank. Love your site BTW!

  37. Anonymous

    BRADS OUTFIT PLEASE!!! I love the sweater shirt combo that her wore on the hometown date to Shawntels for dinner. Where can I hook my man up with that??
    Thank you!!!

  38. AshleyK

    Ashley's plain white t-shirt is from Target! I got it last season in a plum color, it came in a ton of colors!

  39. Anonymous

    emily had a jesus bracelet on in tonights episode (feb. 28) do you know where you can find that?

  40. Anonymous

    Hi, can you please please find out who makes Emily's black lace skirt and top?? Also, the brown boots she wore with the white shorts. She is such a fabulous dresser! Thanks!

  41. Anonymous

    Can you ID Chantal O's scarf from hometown date?! Thank you so much!

  42. Research

    I am in love with Ashley's boots from the hometown dates episode! The Michael Antonio boots are similar but the heel is much smaller and higher. Any other close matches to her boots? I would love the same pair!

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