Bachelor Fashion – Emily Maynard’s bracelets


Any chance of finding the bracelets that Emily wore this past week on the Bachelor?  Thanks! Andrea

Hi D – have you made any headway on Emily Maynard’s bracelets?

Hello! I would be thrilled if you could find where Emily’s bracelets are from! Love the look! Thanks so much!

Could you please help me find what kind of bracelets Emily Maynard is wearing on the bachelor?

Hi there, Ran across your blog (so fun!) from google searching for Emily Maynard’s silver bangle bracelets.  Any info you have on them would be appreciated! 🙂   Thanks, Lauren in CA

Love your blog!  Emily wears a bangle and silver bracelets together.. Where can you find those?

I would love to know where Emily’s chunk of gold bracelets are from too!! Thanks!

i loved Emily’s gathering of silver bracelets during her conversation with Michelle. I know if may be a long shot, but i hope you’ll be able to ID them. 🙂

I’m dying to know about Emily’s bracelets/watch too!!!

I love the chunk of bracelets and watch that Emily always wears! Would love a closeup…and a shopping resource!

Where are all the bracelets from that Emily wears all the time?

Hi there, I was hoping you could help me with the bracelets that Emily was wearing on her one on one date with Brad (1/17 show) Thank you so much, Steffanie

While Brad Womack continues to try and decipher Emily Maynard‘s heart, I continue to stare tirelessly at her arm, trying to decipher the different bracelets she wears every week.

I have some clues: an unremovable promise bracelet (perhaps Cartier Love?) and circular charm (Tiffany, maybe) and the last appears to be a macrame and gold bead bracelet. 

I’m posting some initial thoughts, and figured this would be as good a place as any for us all to put our heads together and see if we can’t figure out Emily’s bracelet mystery.

And leave the whole head and heart thing up to Brad.

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Macrame beaded and gold pearl bracelet
Alexandra Beth
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26 thoughts on “Bachelor Fashion – Emily Maynard’s bracelets

  1. Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle

    I NEED Emily's dress from last night's cocktail party! Love that royal blue.

  2. Anonymous

    This may be a challenge especially since it was just a glance but Emily wore brown boots in the preview of the next episode in Africa. She was hugging Brad and wearing these adorable brown boots. Would you please let us know where they may be from? Thank you so much!

  3. Chelsey

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  4. Chelsey

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  5. Chelsey

    I would also LOVE to know where Emily's cocktail dress from last night is from!!! I'm sooo so SO in love with it!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Do you have any idea what watch she is wearing?

  7. Anonymous

    …and I'd love to know what watch she is wearing.

  8. Christa

    I think some of the bracelets are Lia Sophia b/c the heart I dont think was Tiffany Ive seen this at Lia

  9. Anonymous

    I think you're right about her promise bracelet. On FORT someone uploaded a twit pic of her, and she only has a few bracelets If you look closely enough it does look the Cartier Love bracelet.

  10. Anonymous

    I'd also love to know where to get Emily's brown cowboy boots from the Feb 28th episode… so cute!

  11. Nini

    Yes! I would love to know what/where emily gets her bracelets!

    Maybe you should try looking at emily's professional bachelor profile pictures. I think the bracelets she wore in that picture is different from the one you posted her. These seems to be gold-ish while the other ones look silver and black.

  12. Anonymous

    I love Emily's bracelets as well. Someone has to know what designer they are!!!

  13. Jennifer

    Hello All:

    Here is a simliar $25 silver macrame version like the bracelet Emily Maynard has been wearing on the Bachelor.

  14. Haley D., Georgia

    I'm 99 percent sure that the chunky bracelet Emily wears with the silver disc is by John Wind Maximal Art (charm bracelet) that you can get with or without a pearl. I have one myself and it looks extremely familiar! Hope that helps some!

  15. xoxochristine

    Joyce Leslie sells that bracelet in all different colors. They are identical & wayyy cheaper. I got one for $7.99.

  16. Anonymous

    I would like to find the initails slide bracelet Emily wore. Where could I find it?

  17. Anonymous

    I would like to find the initails slide bracelet Emily wore. Where could I find it?

  18. Anonymous

    The initial slide bracelet is from Cookie Lee. I am a Cookie Lee consultant, and you can email me and I will help you order one. You can order online at or email me at:

  19. Anonymous

    The watch looks like one I have and it's a Fossil. I got it from Dillards or you can find it on

  20. Bex

    Emily is wearing a Cartier Love Bracelet in platinum with alternating diamonds

  21. Anonymous

    The watch is a mid-size Stainless Steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual…

  22. Anonymous

    Does anyone remember Emily's turquoise ring? If so, where can I find it?? thanks!

  23. Anonymous

    the gold bracelet with the tag on it looks like it could come from Twisted Silver. I know Ali wore a Twisted Silver necklace at the ATFR. I have at least 4 and love them

  24. Bex

    Emily's beaded bracelet is Tai


    Hello! I've made one of these bracelets on request. More versions available. Please have a look, feedback welcome!


    Hello! I've made one of these bracelets on request. More versions available. Please have a look, feedback welcome!

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