Halloween Costumes Youl’ll Wear Again. Sort of.

As much as I love dressing up, I abhor dressing up for Halloween.

You see, the only thing I hate more than spending money on clothing that I will never wear again, is spending money on clothing that I’ll never wear again, and makes me look ugly, scary or slutty the one time I wear it.

I literally develop a spastic colon every time I walk into a Halloween store and see those “Leg Avenue” costumes. You know the ones: sexy cat. sexy nurse. sexy pirate. sexy corpse.

Sexy nun.

Really? Someone sat in a creative meeting and pitched sexy nun? And then someone else said, Yes! Great idea. I am pretty sure the same person who greenlighted sexy nun also produced Gigli.

This year I brainstormed costumes that would allow me to shop current trends, and incorporate them into outfits that are cute, aspirational or pretty.

And not scary or ugly.

Or slutty.

Costume: Rachel Berry

Trend: Knee Socks and novelty sweaters
Silhouette Knit Sweater, $19.80, Forever21
Crazy Stripe Knee High, $18.00, Zappos

Costume: Rachel Zoe
Trend: Faux Fur and Wideleg Jeans
Wooly Mammoth Soft Black and Gray Wool Vest $119.00, Lulus
7 For All Mankind Rachel Bellbottom, $169.00, Piperlime

Costume: Witch
Trend: Striped tights and booties
Parker Double Ruffle Dress, $209.00, ShopBop
Striped Tights, $12.00, We Love Colors
Ruffled Collar Booties, $39.50, Charlotte Russe

2 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes Youl’ll Wear Again. Sort of.

  1. Anonymous

    I have long been a fan of the “real clothes” for costumes camp. Beautifly, shimmery ombre cocktail dress in 2005? Goddess. Uneven United colors of benetton black skirt in 2007? Pirate. Tiered skirt in horrible pink and orange, found on clearence rack last year? Butterfly. This year, military pants and aviators: cop.

  2. Anonymous

    love your blog… =) keep it up…. btw what should i wear under neath my lady bug costume? all i bought was wings so i need a cute affordable dress that will stand out among other costumes… any suggestion? black or red dress?

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