Glee Fashion – Rachel’s R Necklace

 $119.00 for gold
(818) 384-3374
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Not since Emma brought the sweater clip back has one accessory rocked the Gleek watercooler like Rachel’s “R” necklace.

Designer Ryan Ryan (yes, that’s his real name) hand designed the R for Lea Michele’s character, along with a Finn necklace we’ll see in a later episode.  (Lea also ordered one with a “T” for her real life boyfriend – you heard it here, first.)

Now you can get your own Ryan Ryan initial necklace in the letter of your choice. Each one is hand designed and available in 10k yellow or white gold for $119.00.

And I’m just warning you order it now, because in a few days this is going to hit the mainstream media (it’s going to be in Entertainment Weekly!)  and then it’ll be harder to get one than a date with a cheerleader after you were kicked off the football team.

Ask Finn. He’s got the necklace to prove it.

8 thoughts on “Glee Fashion – Rachel’s R Necklace

  1. Anonymous

    This sounds like a scam to get ppls money….

  2. Jenifer

    wish the website was more legit looking. I want to see what the letter “I” looks like before ordering. Sometime the letter “I” is in cursive and looks like a J. bummer.

  3. Anonymous

    I love it!!

  4. rachael

    thank you!!!!!!!

  5. Carrie

    The style of the R that Rachel is wearing and the larger M that Mercedes is wearing is the same style and I'd like to get one for my daughter. I contacted my fave source for name jewelry, and they are about to add this style in silver and gold in a few size options. I can't wait!

  6. Rebecca

    I got my Ryan Ryan necklace in the mail today and I love it!!! Looks amazing!

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