Bachelorette Fashion – Ali Fedotowsky After the Final Rose White Dress and cuff bracelet

Now that it’s all over, I have one last confession.

Sure, you already know that I am really amazing when it comes to tracking down many of Ali Fedotowsky’s fashion.

And if I haven’t said it enough, I couldn’t have done it without Cary Fetman, the stylist at the Bachelorette who has helped me to track down 80% of the things I didn’t find on my own.

But for that rare item that eluded even Cary – like the Ingwa Melero silver bubble dress Ali wore with Roberto in Tahiti – Ali was kind enough to check the tags herself.  (Hello, Rooster necklace.)

So, it’s so weird that she hasn’t immediately returned my email about her After the Final Rose dress.

Like Good Morning America is that much bigger than Possessionista.

Cary tipped me off that Ali would be in Truese, with accessories from Planet Blue.

I’m pretty sure that the white dress she donned last night was by the Australian designer, but I’m working on confirming it.

With Truese – not Ali – I have a hunch she might be busy for the next few days.

Thanks to Planet Blue for confirming these!
Kato Dress
No longer available

14 thoughts on “Bachelorette Fashion – Ali Fedotowsky After the Final Rose White Dress and cuff bracelet

  1. Anonymous

    do you have any idea who makes the black jumper that ali was wearing on her last evening date with roberto?

  2. Amber

    I can't wait to hear what earring she was wearing–i think the ones when she dumped chris.

  3. Anonymous

    what lipstick was Ali wearing for the final rose while getting ready? It's a silver tube with some flower scroll design on outside

  4. Anonymous

    Do you know what lipstick brand Ali is wearing while she's getting ready for final rose ceremony? It's in a silver tube with white flower scroll?

  5. Anonymous

    Ali was using the brand Stila, but I do not know the color.

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone know the brand of the dress Ali wore on her last date with Roberto in Tahiti? White tube top, black belt band, and grey bottom??!! Help!! I need this dress!!!

  7. Jenny R

    For a less expensive but equally fabulous look, check out the Petra Cuff at

  8. Anonymous

    The lipstick she wore was a discontinued brand of Stila in color “Sarah”. If you search around online you can find a few available to buy online, but apparently the Stila color Coquette is very similar (and is currently available).

  9. Meagan

    I am trying to find the earrings Ali wore on the after the final rose show. I know the triangle ones are listed here but if you watch the video they are obviously not triangular. If anyone finds out please let me know.


  10. Anonymous

    I would also really like to know what that dress was that Ali wore on her last date with Roberto… the white/black/grey strapless one?! It's soo cute!!

  11. Anonymous

    try for the same bracelet but 1/3 the cost

  12. Anonymous

    we just received more of the Natalie B cuffs and earrings just like Ali wore…



  13. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for finding those pea-in-a-pod earrings! You're amazing.

  14. Anonymous

    Ali looked amazing in the champagne short dress she wore on Aug 29 at the Emmy Awards after party. Please help me find out where to get it from (possibly a less expensive version!)
    Thank you SOOO much!

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