3Floz: Because good hair is not just for locals

I believe that, when it comes to the superficial, the universe has a way of evening things out.

For example, if you have a great ass, you’re rarely also gifted with terrific boobs. This is why all the girls on Bachelor Pad have implants.

Seriously. Show me great legs. I’ll show you a big nose. Show me long eyelashes. I’ll show you thick ankles.

Or, in my case, I have cellulite. But also teriffic hair.

Which is why I rarely travel.

You see, in the last decade, I can’t remember a trip I took that 1) didn’t require a bathing suit (ugh!) and 2) didn’t end up with one of those annoying travel bottles leaking my shampoo all over said bathing suit.

This is a problem, because I can’t travel with my shampoo in its original packaging (thanks psycho terrorist guys) and I can’t travel without it (thanks to unfortunate results from hotel shampoo/conditioner in one products.)

Lucky for me, now there’s 3floz (get it, 3 fluid ounces.) They’re TSA approved-sized bottles of all the most luxe shampoo, lotions and liquid products you depend on to accentuate you hair and detract from your unfortunate nose, cankles or cellulite.

Which means you too can have fabulous hair.

Not to mention the cellulite cream/concealer to go with it.

One thought on “3Floz: Because good hair is not just for locals

  1. LKc

    haha…it's so true. I had my perfume confiscated recently cause my bottle was too big by [ ] this much. Boooo.

    It's amazing that there's now an entire section of the pharmacy dedicated to small things now!

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