Real Food Rehab: Goodbye Mr. Coffee

I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. 
I love it and it hates me. 
It’s like an abusive relationship. I’m addicted to the ritual of making it, intoxicated by the smell that permeates my home, the deep, rich flavor and how the caffeine highs can make me feel almost invincible. But then, the euphoria gives way to the heart palpitations, the extreme blood sugar dips and the fits of anger – but yet I stay – I love him anyway and convince myself we’re good together. The angst, I tell you.
Recently, I switched to decaffeinated for the sake of my health and only treat myself once or twice a week. I treasure our times together and make sure I purchase only the best coffee I can find. Just a year ago, it was hard to find good decaf, but that is not the case anymore. 
Coffee, like other foodstuffs these days, is going through a renaissance. All across the country, specialty purveyors are roasting limited-edition coffee beans using the best artisanal and sustainable practices. These are the beans you should seek out, whether going out for coffee or bringing the beans home. Because of the attention to detail, the taste is incomparable.
Here are some of the best artisanal coffee roasters in the country who ship the freshest beans online tout suite:
The real question here is, are you willing to give up your relationship with Mr. Coffee? The seemingly indefatigable, saggy-assed octogenarian who piddles out his weak-brewed love day after day? You want to settle for that? 
I didn’t think so. 
You need an Italian Stallion. One who has proven his mettle time and time again creating a dark rich brew that really satisfies. 
Another great option is this Bodum French Press
Chefs Catalog
This french press extracts great flavor from the beans and keeps your coffee warm for two hours, during which time he’ll talk to you endlessly about philosophy and the meaning of life while smoking cigarette after cigarette.
For an authentic Latte or Café au lait at home, this device heats and froths milk into a thick foam in seconds. Mmmm, foamy.
And don’t forget to drink it leisurely and authentically, out of a beautiful bowl, just like the French. 
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5 thoughts on “Real Food Rehab: Goodbye Mr. Coffee

  1. veflexra

    You are funny. I love coffee too and sometimes I have to drink decaf just to stay alive it seems. I love all the things you named, but having more than one cup a day sets my heart in overdrive. I can see how you are torn 🙂

  2. Dana Joy

    Thanks! It's a bitch. Grateful for your empathy.

  3. Susannah

    Nice! I just ordered the Blendimentosis from Gorilla coffee. I'm almost out and love trying new brands! I got a coffee grinder last Christmas, so I always buy whole beans- it's so much better!

  4. Dana Joy

    Susannah, you're so right: grinding the beans fresh each time is a huge improvement in flavor! Yay! A Gorilla fan!

  5. Melissa

    I too have given up coffee, but will take sips of my husband's just to get that wonderfully rich mouthfeel. Just that satisfies my craving. I do have a frother also. That little gadget ROCKS!! It makes perfect foam, good for jazzing up a cup of tea also

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