Pretty Little Liars – Hannah’s striped dress

I love the stripey dress and brown belt on last night’s episode on Hanna – could you find that please? SO CUTE – they have great fashion! 

I think one of the things I like about Pretty Little Liars, besides the clothes, is how similar it is to my own high school experience.

In addition to being incredibly well dressed (in oversized Britches rugbys, painted on Farlow jeans and high top Reeboks) my closest high school friends each remind me of a character from Pretty Little Liars.

Like Hannah, Spencer, Emily, Aria and Ali, we too, had a role to fill. In my own little high school clique, we had an ugly duckling turned shoplifting headturner, an overacheiving, boyfriend stealing egghead, a superstar jock with possible lesbian tendency, an artsy outcast who slept with our English teacher, and a super bitch with amazing hair. (Guess which one I am.)

Oh, and did I mention we, too, murdered our best friend.

Just kidding.

We’re not sure if she’s really dead.

Because she keeps sending me weird emails.

Asking me to send her money. Because she was robbed in London.

One thought on “Pretty Little Liars – Hannah’s striped dress

  1. whataboutsummer

    I love the stripes on this dress; they create such an interesting body outline! I am definitely heading over to Nordstrom I am in need of a treat…

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