Pretty Little Liars – Aria’s Spider Web Necklace

Where can I find Aria’s snowflake necklace?

Based on her dark and twisty past experience working on horror films, it’s no surprise that wardrobe designer Mandi Line likes to ¬†occassionally sneak scary symbols into the wardrobes of the Pretty Little Liars.

Take Aria’s necklace, for example.

The gold spiderweb with the diamond center is by Briana Erin Jewelry, and should elicit feelings of sadness, depression and even fear.

Not quite as scary as, say, Hannah’s homecoming hairdo

Briana Erin Jewelry

2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars – Aria’s Spider Web Necklace

  1. Jane's Next Door

    Hey Dana,
    Here's a cheaper option from Etsy (it's in silver and it doesn't have any diamonds but it's also only $22!0

  2. Anonymous

    I love the tank top she's wearing here! Any ideas on where it's from?
    Thanks so much!

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