Bachelorette Fashion – Win Ali Fedotowsky’s Rose Ritzy Misfit Necklace

As Seen On Ali Fedotowsky

They say, “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.”

But this season of The Bachelorette, it seems like no one’s buying the cow.

And some of these Bachelors are downright lactose intolerant.

Since no one is marrying Ali (unless this is the most. dramatic. rose. ceremony. ever.) it seems like someone should at least get to taste the milk.

For free.

I think I’m mixing metaphors, but you get the point.

Ali may not have found love with the Bachelors, but she did fall in love with Ritzy Misfit, those charming wax stamped necklaces I’ve been raving about for the last year.

And one lucky reader will win the exactΒ rose pendant that Ali Fedotowsky wore on the Bachelorette.

Just leave in the comments who you think Ali should choose in the end – make sure your profile has an email address so I can let you know if you win.

One reader will be chosen to accept this rose.

For free.


121 thoughts on “Bachelorette Fashion – Win Ali Fedotowsky’s Rose Ritzy Misfit Necklace

  1. Alicia

    I don't think she should choose ANYONE!!! More power to her. She'll find the right one. Why would she settle for one of these men when as soon as the show ends, she's going to either be on DWTS or Oprah will give her her own talk show? Hypothetically speaking, of course. I have faith that out of the (around) 1 billion men in the world, the right one will get the final rose…and Ali will have endorsement deals and follow up shows (and shoes) TV wedding coverage and US magazine exclusives,… and AWESOME free clothes, to boot (and boots). She wins, no matter what.

  2. Anonymous

    I think she should pick Chris. He is soooo sweet. If she doesn't pick him, I'm moving to Cape Cod.

  3. ARL

    Chris L. wouldn't break her heart. He'd be in it for the long haul. He's the choice, for sure. (And if I weren't so married, he'd also be the choice for me.) Roberto is a bit of a wildcard in my opinion, but don't they always go for the wildcards?

  4. Anonymous

    I think she should choose Chris…but I have a feeling she doesn't! Love this necklace!!

  5. Jacki

    My pick for myself would be Chris, but my pick for Ali and where she is in life, and based on observing the show, is …

    … Roberto! Or Robert-O, if you prefer.

  6. makeupnewbie

    Chris hands down! He seems to be well grounded and be ready to care for someone. Although Roberto seems really nice, he doesn't look like he is..

  7. Anonymous

    I think she should chose Roberto. He is so romantic and very handsome! I think she could follow her dreams too with Roberto. Chris is too set in his ways and I don't see him moving away from his family.

  8. Anonymous

    I think Ali will choose Chris!!!

  9. Carly

    Chris! But I've heard she doesn't actually pick anyone…

  10. briannelee

    I love Roberto! I hope she picks him.

  11. Jen

    I think she should pick Chris, but according to Reality Steve she ends up alone (though with a fabulous new wardrobe!)

  12. Kylie

    I think she should choose Chris L., although I'm pretty sure she ends up with no one which is sad.

  13. Alicia

    I think that Ali should choose no one, and I say this because I want to have Chris for myself πŸ™‚

    adw7984 at gmail dot com

  14. Meliss1228

    I want her to pick Chris, but I have read the spoilers so I know she picks no one.

  15. kaase

    I think she ends up a single woman… BUT, while I think Roberto would hypothetically have a better chance, I personally like Chris better. But they're both madly adoring men and candidly, I think she has ended up with 2 of the most promising candidates in the history of the bachelor/bachelorette. So lucky for her – she can't go wrong, honestly. Which is why I think its a terrible shame that I think she ends up with neither!

  16. Heather

    I kinda hope she picks Roberto because he seems to fit her personality. I think Chris is great too though.

  17. Heather H.

    I hope Chris but I have heard rumors she goes home solo. Poor girl! Anyway would love to win the pendant.

  18. Miss jan

    Roberto! But I don't think she can go wrong with either. Just hope this isn't a season where she doesn't pick either!

  19. Michelle

    Choose the wardrobe! (is that a choice?) Ali has had the most incredible eye for fashion this season and, not only because we're led to believe she doesn't end up with anyone at the end, but because she rocks every outfit, I think she should just walk away with those clothes, those beautiful boots, and incredible jewelry!

    But, let's be real, since we all need a little lovin' in our lives, it looks like Roberto is the hot ticket for that. Salsa away with him. You know you want to…!

  20. Anonymous

    Seriously, I don't watch for anything but the clothes and accessories!! I am totally honest when I say I have no idea who she should choose!!

  21. Chelsea

    I hope she picks Chris, but I have a feeling she didn't go with either of them. They can send Chris my way! =)

  22. Anonymous

    Chris and Roberto were my favorites from the start. So I think it is going to be a very hard decision. I think they are both very sweet, great guys. Although, they are very different at the same time. I think she should pick Chris, but if she does make a decision it will probably be Roberto. After watching The Men Tell All last night it wouldn't suprise me if she didn't pick Chris or Roberto and goes back to Frank After The Final Rose!

  23. Missy

    She should pick Craig R, my favorite guy all season, but since that is not a possibility anymore, I would go with Roberto. She seems to like him more, at this point.

  24. Julie

    Rumors are she picks no one. I'd pick Chris! Great necklace!

  25. Anonymous

    Definitely Chris πŸ™‚

  26. Miss M

    I don't think she should choose either. Frankly, I think she can do better πŸ™‚

  27. Caitlin

    She should pick Chris! Not only is he very sincere, he has a normal family and would not break her heart.

  28. anbreen

    I think she should pick Chris! I think he's the keeper for the long haul!… Even though I was rooting for Roberto this entire time..

  29. Elaine

    I think Ali should pick Roberto. He complements her lifestyle better.

  30. Bex

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. sassygirl

    I love Chris L. and think she would be the happiest girl in the world to have him. I honestly think she will end up alone at the end though…I think Frank was her choice and she will end up choosing no one now as a result.

  32. Anonymous

    She should definitely pick Chris! He's so sweet. I think it's going to be Roberto though.

  33. Flojo

    I think she let both of the guys taste the milk in Tahiti. And she would've let Frank taste the milk and buy the cow! I think she should pick Chris but I know that she doesn't pick anyone.
    Love the necklace though!

  34. DiamondsandTulle

    I'm rooting for Chris! He's genuine and HOT and a pretty funny guy as seen in the outtakes! Love the necklace – I'd love to have another one to add to my collection!

    xx Vivian

  35. Brooke

    I think Ali should pick Roberto Martinez, there is something about this man that I can't quite put my finger on, but I like him! I think they would be good together, as long as he never opens another bottle of champagne!

  36. Brooke

    I hope Ali pick Roberto! There is just something about this man that I can't quite put my finger on… but I like it! Just as long as he stays away from opening champagne bottles

  37. Christine

    I think she should pick Roberto so I can have Chris πŸ™‚

  38. Bex

    Chris the Landscaper, hands down.

    1. Athletes cheat
    2. Chris is dreamy
    3. Free yard work for the duration of their relationship (3-6 mos?)

  39. Bex

    Chris the Landscaper, hands down.

    1. Athletes cheat
    2. Chris is dreamy
    3. Free yard work for the duration of their relationship (3-6 mos?)

  40. Anonymous

    “Don't call my name, don't call my name…Roberto”:)
    I'm team Chris (even if he did tatoo his mom's signature on him(?!))

  41. Anonymous

    Methinks she picks HERSELF! I think she is too damaged to pick anyone. For me? Mmmmmm CHRIS. For Ally, I think she should pick Roberto.

  42. Jenna

    I think Chris would be the best choice, although I don't think she'll actually pick him. I think it'll be Roberto or no one at all.

  43. kristen

    They are both so cute and sweet, if I were her, I honestly don't know how I'd choose. πŸ™‚ Go Ali!

    I have literally been drooling over these necklaces for several months now! They are so pretty!

  44. Giselle

    I think Chris would be the best choice…but we'll see! I'm hearing otherwise!

  45. Ashlee

    Team Chris…there is nothing wrong with Roberto I just love Chris πŸ™‚

  46. 3beeps

    Ali will end up with Roberto, but I love Chris! Is she going to give him that bracelet back he gave her when she breaks his heart? Go Dana, LOVE your blog !!!

  47. Katie

    Chris! He seems really genuine and he has a great family.

  48. Lori

    I wish she would pick Chris! but I think everyone is right, she leaves them both. Love, love this necklace!

  49. Leigh

    I hope she picks no one!

  50. Stefanie

    I would love love love Ali to end up with Chris! I really think they balance eachother.

  51. Beth with an E

    Roberto. But, she should hold off on the engagement and just date him for a few months to see if things work out. Not that it really matters – Don't the bachelor/bachelorette engagemtns usually last about 6 weeks anyway???

    Love this necklace!

  52. emily

    For some reason I'm really digging Chris's family — particularly his dad. How cute and wise was he? Oddly enough, I don't really sense ANY connection between her or any of the remaining two. If she were to pick anyone — I'd say Chris. Sadly enough, I have a feeling she won't pick any of them. But we shall see. πŸ™‚

  53. Sara P.

    I hope she picks Roberto so Chris will be the next Bachelor. Then I can go on the show and have Chris fall in love with me! πŸ˜‰

  54. AlyssiaDHall

    Ali should chose Chris because he was the only one that waited to fall in love with her. I feel like all the other guys were already in love with her before or right when they met her. He waited to give her the bracelet(which I LOVE) and he waited to really fall for her when the time was right. I feel like he is real and is taking this seriously.

    I love Roberto also but I just feel that it is another Jake and Vienna. I feel this way because there is a huge physical attraction and it's hard to tell if there is an emotional one. He almost seems too good to be true. Dont get me wrong physical attraction is needed but in a relationship you need many more ingredients than just physical attraction. You need things like dependability, loyalty, trust, patience and much more- qualities that I feel Chris has. Ali is taking this process seriously and I believe that Chris is to. He knows this will result in a proposal and he is ready for that. Roberto, on the other hand, I am not so sure that he takes this seriously and understands the outcome. For some reason, I think that he doesnt know what he is getting himself into.

  55. kristyk512

    I love Chris… but I agree with others and think she might not choose him.

  56. Kat

    here's hoping she picks Roberto so I can have Chris all to myself! lol

  57. Authentic Simplicity.

    Done deal.

  58. Authentic Simplicity.

    Done deal.

  59. Alison

    She should definitely choose Chris L. I know the chemistry took longer for them to achieve, but that just proves that their love can grow and become stronger over the years to come. Roberto is a nice guy, but to me, their relationship only seems like a fling – I have a feeling that they would be the next “Jake and Vienna” since the passion is the only thing really keeping them together. She always talks about Roberto being “hot, sexy” etc, but with Chris, she loves his personality the best, and that's what will keep them together – they're passionate about each other and can enjoy a laugh too.

  60. Carolyn G

    Ali has been my girl for a very long time and I support whatever decision she makes. I LOVE both Roberto and Chris but at the same time neither seems like the perfect fit for her. And Frank did not feel right either to me from the start. I think she should continue her search for the one. There are more than those twenty five wonderful guys (23 technially since I don't think Frank or Justin were wonderful ha) in the sea. Roberto and her sure are cute together though ha πŸ™‚

  61. Carolyn G

    oops! I forgot my email πŸ™‚

  62. Kimberley

    I think Ali should choose Chris in the end. They seem to have the start of a solid relationship whereas she and Roberto seem to be working solely on lust.

  63. Kim Graf


  64. Jennifer

    My money would have been on Frank, but we all know how that went… so I'm going to say that she should pick Chris–or maybe Roberto–no, no, Chris–actually, Roberto. For sure this time πŸ™‚
    j'adore your lovely blog!

  65. Kerrie

    I am trying to be optimistic but I have felt all season long that she would end up alone πŸ™ I really hope that she chooses Chris because he seems like such a genuinely awesome guy that would make a fantastic husband. And by the way I love the Dennis bracelet and I am trying to convince my husband to get me one πŸ™‚ I hope I win the necklace…

  66. Miss Sarnacki

    She should absolutely pick that hunk of a man ROBERTO!

  67. Chelsea

    I think she should pick Chris but I don't think she is picking anyone.

  68. Madeline Hill

    I think she should choose Chris, he's stable and has a great family, and is very obvious about his feelings. They look adorable together, and are always laughing. Not to mention how adorable it was when he showed up to take care of her with flowers and soup when she was sick. If she doesnt marry him, I'm next in line!

  69. Veronica

    I love both of the guys and think that Ali would be lucky to have either one of them as her boyfriend/husband. I am a little partial to Chris though. I lost my Mother a few years back so I know the pain he is feeling. He is handsome, an outdoorsman and has such a great sense of humor. Can't wait to see how it all turns out next week!!!!

  70. Laura

    I think she should pick neither of them. I like them both (especially Chris), but we all know it wouldn't work out (it never does!) and I don't want Chris to be heartbroken πŸ™ I think Roberto is “in it to win it”. I think he may genuinely like her at this point, but I don't think he would have given her a second look in the real world. I mean, a girl is gonna look great to any man when there's only one of her to go around and they only have contact with her for however-many-weeks! I bet I'd get hit on a lot, too, if I was the only girl in a bar (and we were all locked in for a few months :)! Then throw in the fact that it's a “competition”… Anyway, I got WAY off the point, so to summarize: She should pick no one.

  71. Laura

    I think she should choose Chris…Her and Roberto just have physical chemsitry and never really have solid heartfelt conversations…real relationships should build over time like Ali's did with Chris…

  72. dreamer0082

    I think Ali is single.

    With that said, here's my opinion…in the long run, she would be happiest with Chris L. From what I have seen, he is quality husband material, and any woman would be lucky to have him. However, Ali is definitely more attracted to Roberto…or at least that is how ABC is editing the footage.

    In the end, I think Frank leaving through Ali for too big of a loop…it appears to have scared her too much.

    So, Ali is single.

  73. shannon

    I think Ali should choose Chris L. He's cute, and he seems quite funny too. If she dosn't, I will come find him!!

  74. Kristina

    I think she should choose Chris. It seems as though she is more herself around him. THey have both the chemistry and romance. Chris seems to be super sweet and from a great family too.

  75. Alison

    I think she should choose Chris! Hes the whole package and is ready to settle down with Ali!

  76. C. Kawezya

    If Ali doesn't choose anyone, will she be villified like what's his name who didn't choose DeAnna or what's-her-name? Something tells me we'll still think she's as sweet as ever. That said, I think that Chris will guard and protect her heart. So, obviously, she should choose him.
    And please, ABC, choose some new blood for the next bachelor. Or Kasey. I'd be stoked if Kasey were the next bachelor and the theme song for the show was his original recording.

  77. Katie

    Ali needs to choose Chris, but only if she's really in love. He seems so sweet and family-oriented (at least that's how they are portraying him…) I love love love this necklace!!

  78. Anonymous

    I think she will end up with none of these guys….. hopefully!!!!!
    but probably Roberto

  79. oopuy

    Ah I think Ali will choose no one since Frank left her. He was going to be the one.

  80. kellie

    I love Chris! I hope she does the right thing and picks him!! πŸ™‚

    kellierosewilson AT hotmail DOT com

  81. Jill

    I'd personally pick neither, but if she does pick she'll go with the hottie, per typical.

  82. morgan_jenkins11

    I think that both men are excellent choices in their own way. If Ali is looking for a more settled relationship in her home state, she will choose Chris. If Ali is looking for a busy lifestyle, she will choose Roberto.

    I personally think she will choose Roberto! πŸ™‚

  83. Anonymous


    hpilar AT my DOT bcit DOT ca

  84. Megan

    Love the rose pendant! I think Ali should pick Chris, but I'm thinking she either picks Roberto or neither!

  85. Sharon Ertler

    Roberto roberto roberto!!!

  86. Rebecca

    I really think Alli and Chris are the best match, but Roberto's pretty awesome too, and I would D-I-E to have Chris as the next Bachelor!

  87. The Giveaway Diva

    i hope she ends up with roberto! love him!


  88. Jan

    Chris! I think they have more in common.

    Love your blog!

  89. Anonymous

    I think Chris maybe the sleeper here and suprise us all! Although last night on “The Men Tell All”, they mentioned that Frank will be in the “After The Rose” show….so you gotta wonder if maybe, somehow, Frank is back in the picture. I think she would have chosen him.

    Dana – love the blog!


  90. Shannon

    I'm thinking Chris. πŸ™‚

  91. Fernanda

    Of course Chris is the best husband material but they ALWAYS pick the one that is HOT and they end up single.

    So I think she will pick Roberto. And he will break it: “love don't come eaaaaaasy”.

  92. mich439

    I think the majority will say Roberto but I think it will be Chris unless their night in the fantasy suite went horribly wrong.

  93. Anonymous

    Chris L…He seems the most real.

  94. Tara

    She'll choose Roberto, but then they'll both agree that they should just date (for two months and then move on). Kirk will be the next Bachelor. lol.

  95. Burton-n-Tiffany

    CHRIS!! CHRIS!! CHRIS!! ESPECIALLY after the “near death” experience of almost getting drilled in the head by the champagne bottle cork. LOVE Ali's stylist!

  96. **Frugal Contessa**

    She should choose Chris for sure. He's sweet. Roberto seems insincere to me.

  97. Shelly

    Roberto all the way!! I like Chris, but Roberto is smoking hot πŸ™‚

  98. Couture and Crayons

    Chris all the way!

    Janice (Couture and Crayons)

  99. Meghan

    I hope she chooses Chris! He is such a sweetheart and so genuine! I have a feeling she won't pick either guy though. Can't wait for next week!

  100. Kelley

    Ali should choose Chris he is such a great guy and the two of them are perfect for one another!

  101. PharmD

    Hoping she picks Roberto so Chris L can be the next bachelor!!!

  102. Alison

    She HAS to choose Chris L! and if she doesn't I'll take him! I really don't think she's going to choose anyone though.

  103. Krystal

    Neither! I think she made a lot of bad choices along the way and trusted the wrong men and it has bit her in the arse in the end.

  104. Nichole

    Chris! Chris! Chris!

  105. Holly

    I'm thinking roberto. He's gorgeous (don't tell my husband I said that) AND lady gaga sings about him along with alejandro and fernando. Chris seems a little awkward to me. The ONLY turn off about Roberto is his excessive sweat problem.

  106. MJ

    I also think she should keep her freedom and say no to all of 'em…


    ps- There's no indication when this giveaway closes?

  107. Lindsey Kindy

    After the season she has had, her luck is kinda sucky… so im thinking of picking noone, or kirk? but of the fianl 2 i dont think she could go wrong, i think roberto would love her always and chris l would love her to be like his mom! both guys are good, i calling for chris l to be the next bachelor… who knows!!


  108. Whitney

    If she absolutely HAS to pick someone, I say Chris. But let's be honest, the longer Ali searches, the more fabulous she gets. I don't think she should pick either one!

  109. hofken

    I think Ali should choose Roberto in the end

  110. Amber Peters

    I think she should pick Chris- he seems so real and their relationship slowly grew over time. If these show has ever shown us anything it would be – if you find a person hot from the very beginning …. RUN!!!!- It happens everytime! I would only hope that Ali either choses Chris or no one. She has always been my favorite!


  111. Tanya

    I think she should choose Roberto! I think he is soooo sweet and on top of it gorgeous!!

  112. Anonymous

    IF she chooses one, I think she chooses Chris! He's nice and I think she wants to move back to the cape.


  113. Sara

    I don't think she'll choose either one of them. But if I was a single gal, I'd snap Chris up in a heartbeat. Moved home to help care for his mother? And did you see how close he was with his family? That's wicked awesome – and hard to find in a guy!

  114. Emily

    I think she should choose Roberto. Chris is too attached to his family, especially his mom. I love ritzy misfit!!

    emilyyeh7921 @

  115. Anonymous

    They both seem like great guys, sincere and humble…but, there is something about Chris that is just so SWEET and endearing. I vote for Chris!!!

  116. Erica

    I feel like she's not going to get engaged yet, but will want to continue to develop a relationship with Roberto (who wouldn't want to salsa after dinner?!). I think she's finding any and every reason to find a flaw in him at this point – he's “too perfect, too nice, too good to be true”. As strong as their physical chemistry is, she is 'pulling a Frank' when it comes to him, and can't just be secure in the reassurances he gives her, yet she looks happiest when she's with him. I think she'll decide she needs more time than a couple of months to get to know him and become more secure with him before she'll get engaged.

  117. The Youngs

    I think Ali will pick Roberto. They seem to have had a good connection from the very beginning. Plus it doesn't hurt that he's super cute. haha = )

  118. kristin


  119. Anne

    I'm definitely cheering for Chris…but I always thought Frank would have been the best match.

  120. Anonymous

    I love and I'm hoping she picks Roberto πŸ™‚

  121. Anonymous

    I think Roberto! He is such a sweetie!!!

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