Bachelorette Fashion – Ali Fedotowski Black Vague Tee Shirt

Photo courtesy of Splash News
Ali Fedotowsky is like a human magic eight ball.
Just shake things up and see what appears on her face.
Don’t believe me? Go back and watch when Kirk’s dad showed her his taxidermy. Or Frank said he was leaving. Or every time Kacey sang.
Ali’s face says it all.
But when it comes to Ali Fedotowsky’s is-she-or-isn’t-she perspective nuptuals, my bestie has kept mum – letting her shirt do all the talking.
Hmmmm, good try. But based on her reaction when asked in the media, I’m going with “Outlook not so good.”
Scott Free Vague Boatneck Tee

One thought on “Bachelorette Fashion – Ali Fedotowski Black Vague Tee Shirt

  1. 3beeps

    how can she not pick anyone? i will be so heartbroken. i love roberto and chris. i think for breeding purposes, roberto would make cuter and gorgeous babies with ali…but i love chris because he is from ali's home state, and they could have those picture perfect Land's End magazine style, new england holidays together every year with their families.

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