Joie Vintage Rose Izzy Top on Sale at Nordstrom (and I missed it)



I know bad things happen to good people.

I watch Grey’s Anatomy so I know it doesn’t matter how smart, or pretty, or funny you are.

Shit happens.

You can be the nicest person in the world, and your house might still burn down. You could be generous with your time, money and emotions and still find out you swallowed your twin in utero.

And just because you dress fabulously, write a hillarious blog and are generally just about the coolest person ever, sometimes the shirt you are dying for will go on sale at Nordstrom (oh the humanity) and you will miss out on it.

Luckily the folks at ShoppingNotes understand your (my) compulsions. So they created this nifty tool where you just type in the URL of the item you’re lusting after (for me it’s the JOIE Izzy top in Vintage Rose, amazing, no?) and they’ll email you when the price drops.

So you’ll never again miss out when Nordstrom drops its price to half off.

Hey, bad stuff happens to good people.

The least you can do is dress for the occasion.

One thought on “Joie Vintage Rose Izzy Top on Sale at Nordstrom (and I missed it)

  1. ~ sd

    oh wow! oh yes! THANK YOU for this.

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