Bachelor Fashion – Gia’s Shashi Crystal Bracelets

If the Bachelor was high school –and let’s be honest sometimes it seems like it is — then now would be about the time that we’d award the Senior Superlatives.

For example, Tenley would be most likely to be the next Bachelorette.
Or Ali? Most likely to wear a yellow BCBG dress.
And Gia, well, she’s most likely to be the next starlet, at least if her brand preference is any indication.
Take for example the captivating crystal thread bracelet she wore on her date with Jake at the vineyard. 
As also seen on Lindsay Lohan, Gia’s Shashi bracelet is inspired by temple bracelets handed out in Hindu ceremonies and symbolize friendship, love and luck.
Which is obviously working. 
Hello final four.

First Date
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  1. cassidy

    Thanks for the link! This website sells Shashi bracelets cheaper than any site I know.

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