Cameron Diaz’ Boots – Share Cameron’s style without looking like Princess Fiona


I LOVE your blog. You had me at Jillian’s Vancouver 2010 sweatshirt (which I am picking up from my local Aritzia tomorrow).

I am in search of a pair of casual brown boots for Fall. I love the Frye Jane boots, but the heel is a little much since I’m so tall and approaching my husband’s height. I saw a picture of Cameron Diaz wearing some awesome boots, but I can’t seem to find them. Could you locate these, or some like them? You’d save my feet from the cold, rainy days in Portland.

So, here’s the thing.

No one, save for a glamazon with a team of stylists, nutritionists, trainers (and I’m pretty sure Satan) on their side can wear this outfit.


Skinny jeans. A cropped sweater.

Give me a break.

Cameron Diaz’ body is superhuman.

Fortunately her feet are not.

Which means you can rock a similar pair of boots without looking like Shrek.

Or, Princess Fiona, in this case.

$139.00 (Use code BTSSHOES09 for 15% off)

7 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz’ Boots – Share Cameron’s style without looking like Princess Fiona

  1. Craig and Michelle

    I bought these yesterday then was told I needed to get a half size smaller since they stretch. Is that true?? Thanks!

  2. brett

    Hi Dana!!

    Your blog is fabulous, and is inspiring me everyday!! So..when I saw this post it reminded me of the pair I just bought at Target, which were suprising nice looking and good quality, especially for the price….$34.99!!!

    They are called the Women's Mossimo Kady Boot in Cognac. When I checked target's website this morning, they were on sale now for $29.99!!!
    Here is the link:

    Keep up all the great blogging!!! 🙂

  3. Kylie

    I have those Steve Madden boots! They were my go to boots all last winter. I went with my normal size and wear them with regular socks and they fit great. They may have stretched a little but it's not really noticeable.

  4. Shelby Lynn

    Love your blog. Read it daily. You are great!!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks Dana!

  6. Jenna

    Thanks, Brett, for the info on the Target boots. I went online and they are sold out in the cognac color, but luckily my Target store had them, so I bought them today! They rang up for 34.99, but the sign did say 29.99, so they honored the sale price. 🙂 I'm excited to wear them!

  7. Anonymous

    Can you explain to me how it is difficult to look good in something so simple and flattering as a cropped sweater and skinny jeans and knee boots? Its what everyone wears. Skinny jeans make everyone look better, and knee high boots are very flattering, and of course cropped jackets and sweaters make the legs look very long. I am a size nine, I like my jeans a bit loose, and fairly fit. I certainly could rock that no problem. Its not exactly an outlandish outfit.

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