Nashville Fashion: Clothes from You’re Lookin’ At Country

Juliette's lace illusion dress: Mandalay  Similar: Mac Duggal

This week's Nashville featured quite a few real country stars and I started wondering if actual musicians watch Nashville and roll their eyes the way doctors roll their eyes at Gray's Anatomy or lawyers give Law & Order the side eye. Kind of like how I gave Zoey the sideeye when she lost Gunnar's kid. (Aside, did anyone else realize that Gunnar's babymomma is the girl from Spykids?) The … [Continue reading]

Win it! Nashville Fashion: Win Sadie and Layla’s CMA jewelry from Stella & Dot

Layla's earrings: Art Deco by Stella Dot  Necklace:  Somervelle by Stella Dot  Bracelet: Amelie Sparkle (not shown)

Last night on Nashville the imaginary country stars Rayna James, Juliette Barnes and Layla Grant hit the red carpet for the annual imaginary CMAs, which are also hosted by the real country stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. The queen of Highway 65, Rayna James, took home an astonishing six trophies, not to mention a fiance with a very bruised ego, while Layla Grant tried to do damage … [Continue reading]

Steal of the day: LaSoula diamond necklaces


  Sometimes I turn off my TV. But not this morning. And good thing I didn't, because if I had, I would have missed this morning's steals and deals on Good Morning America which featured the new "littles" collection from one of my favorite jewelry designers, LaSoula. Like those little charm necklaces you've seen on the celebs and fancy ladies at lunch and the gym, the La Soula … [Continue reading]

Best…headband for working out


  My favorite headbands: Free People Quietly, without much fanfare, I started working out in January. Despite my obvious aversion to doing anything difficult, the way the folks at the gym frown upon orange-stained fingertips on their yoga mats, and my general displeasure wearing anything that fits my body like a wetsuit, I've made it part of my routine to start out my day with something … [Continue reading]

New Girl Fashion: Jess’s Clothes from Teachers


I've been thinking about what I wanted to say about this week's New Girl. And, at first, I was going to dwell on the fact that if teachers in real life were as cute as Jess and Ryan, kids probably would love school and there would be no models in Hollywood because kids would want to grow up to be teachers and not Kardashians. But, then, I was reading a recap of last night's episode and some … [Continue reading]

Mindy Project Fashion: Clothes from Diary of a mad Indian Woman

Mindy's pink grid top: JOA

As the weather turns colder and the holidays near, Mindy Lahiri, like single women everywhere, begin the time honored tradition of counting down the days until their boyfriend does (or doesn't) propose. After all, what's the point of getting totally black out drunk with someone on New Year's if they're not going to put a ring on it. But when Mindy isn't Are You There God, It's Me, Mindying her … [Continue reading]

Andi Dorfman’s bow beanie


Photo c/o Andi Dorfman on Instagram   I am an outdoor-hat-inside-wearing kind of a girl. From Nov 1 - March 15 or so, you won't see the top of my head unless I'm in the shower. (In which case, you won't see me at all, you big perv.) I tell you this not because I want you envisioning  me in the shower - you can't unsee it now, right? - but because a lot of you, I suspect, are also my … [Continue reading]

Cold Weather (faux) Leather


It's not a coincidence that around the same time my husband discovered Sons of Anarchy, I became really intent on supplementing my wardrobe with everything leather.  Sure, I've always had a leather jacket for every occasion, but only recently did I consider adding leather pants and tops to my wardrobe. Let's face it - it's cold here in Chicago, and there's a reason animals were fur and leather, … [Continue reading]