Pretty Little Liars fashion: Clothes from Bloody Hell

Spencer's ribbon tie blouse: Forever21

The Pretty Little Liars can't resist a bad boy. Even one covered in third degree burns and strapped to a gurney in the ICU. So, this week, Aria and Hanna decided to pay a visit to Cyrus, Allie's fake abductor and find out who "A" is once and for all. The Liars still don't know his identity, but they do know he's a huge "Breakfast at Tiffany's" fan, masquerading by the name Varjak in a nod to … [Continue reading]

The Bachelor recap: Episode 8 Fantasy Suites


Welcome to Bali, Bachelornation. Home of majestic landscapes and peeing monkeys. It's also home to some of the most beautiful temples, kind people, and the place where Chris Soules may or may not have railed three girls in an effort to find his soulmate. That, by the way, is the alternate working pitch for the Bali department of tourism. It's time for the Fantasy Suite and Chris is looking … [Continue reading]

Get the look: Oscar fashion for every day

oscar fashion

So, I've been thinking a lot about last night's Oscars. In particular, the best - and worst - dressed of the night. There were definitely some looks I loved: Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow. And others that I just didn't get: Felicity Jones, Marion Cotillard and Lupita N'yongo. But, when it comes right down to it, nobody was really badly dressed. Looking back, this morning, I … [Continue reading]

Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope’s belted coat

Olivia Pope's wool, belted coat: Burberry

It's been a wild ride on Scandal. She's been abducted, threatened, auctioned, manhandled and interviewed before Olivia Pope was finally returned to the safety of her well-appointed DC apartment, now more secure than Fort Knox, thanks to the brilliant locksmithy skills of Huck. But, if you think Olivia Pope wasn't harmed in the process, you need only to see her reaction to Fitz when he stops by … [Continue reading]

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce Fashion: Don’t Do The Crime


In the episodes leading up to next week's finale, The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce has focused more on the Girlfriends and less on the Divorce. But this week, we got a glimpse into the final negotiations of Abby and Jake's divorce. As they negotiated their final deal - no to alimony; yes to summer camp - I couldn't help but feel a twinge of secondhand regret. This is a couple that, despite going … [Continue reading]

Marry Me Fashion: Dead me

Annie's lace top: Sea NY

Last night was the 14th epidose of Marry Me, and Jake and Annie aren't any closer to tying the knot than they were in the Pilot when they couldn't even agree on how to get engaged. Unfortunately, on last night's episode Jake died. Don't worry. He didn't really die. His identity was stolen by a jilted computer hacker. But in that moment, Jake and Annie realize what really matters: Jake wants … [Continue reading]

The Mindy Project fashion from Lahiri Family Values

Mindy's light blue blazer: Salvador Perez (similar pictured)

Is there anything better than a Mindy Project episode with Mindy's brother Rishi? This week on the Mindy Project, Mindy goes to get a loan only to find out her credit is shot. She'd co-signed a lease on her brother's apartment, and he hasn't paid rent in months. As you may remember, Mindy's brother, Rishi, is a Stanford-educated biologist turned rapper. Yeah, he's been working on his sick … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion: Pretty Isn’t the Point

Aria's blue sweater/skirt: Lucy Paris

Here's what you missed this week on Pretty Little Liars. Mike's sketchy behavior has reached an all time high, so the Pretty Little Liars searched his unmentionables for clues. Mike's not just hiding the Liars' blood, he's also got some ugly ass jewelry from Forever Silver stashed with his sweat socks. The necklace is written in Morse Code, and when Spencer cracks it, is says, "Made in … [Continue reading]