Girlfriends Guide to Fashion: Outfits from F* You Frumpkiss

Abby's cross neck dress: Jason Wu

I want a divorce. I mean, not really. I love my husband. And, if I'm being completely honest, I'd be hard pressed to find anyone else who'd put up with my bullshit. But, I'll admit, when I'm watching the Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, and I see Abby and her friends prancing around in Alexander McQueen dresses, carrying Hermes bags and sipping $6 lattes or doing yoga without snow pants, … [Continue reading]

Marry Me Fashion: Outfits from Friend Me

Annie's penguin sweater: Aqua

This week on Marry Me, Annie goes all "I Love You, Man" when she realizes Jake has no friends and their bridal parties will be uneven. So, the bride-to-be takes to Facebook to track down Jake's long lost boys. After years of estrangement, Jake asks Annie how she's tracked them down. "It's amazing what you can find on the Internet when you're not shopping or trolling your the yelp page of your high … [Continue reading]

Padma’s white dresses on Top Chef

Padma's one shoulder dress: Cushnie Et Ochs

After nearly three months of deliciousness (and I'm not just talking about the food) Top Chef is in their final course. Before the new Top Chef is crowned - er, toqued? - I wanted to take a look back at Padma's fabulous white dresses the past few weeks. Whether she's back in Boston or sunning in Mexico, The Top Chef host makes wearing winter white look as effortless as cooking for famed chef … [Continue reading]

Pretty Little Liars fashion from Bin of Sin

Spencer's jumpsuit and sleeveless top: G Star

I scream. You scream. We all scream for Pretty Little Liars ice cream? This week on PLL, the liars used their public education to track down Mona's missing laptop to Rosewood's abandoned ice cream parlor. And, as it turns out, the flavor of the month was almost Spencer and Aria. When the Liars found themselves locked in a freezer, Emily had to save her besties before they were turned into … [Continue reading]

Bling it on: Introducing Possessionista X Robyn Rhodes


You know, I'm terrible with dates. Birthdays. Anniversaries. And basically any day that ends in "Y." To wit, my friends will call me the day before to remind me that tomorrow is their birthday. And even then I have about a 50/50 track record of wishing them a Happy Birthday. Let's just say, I buy a lot of belated birthday cards. Anyway, a few months ago, my friend Robyn Rhodes … [Continue reading]

The Bachelor recap: Episode 4


As a Bachelor veteran, I can tell you that, generally, week four is the worst week. Too many girls to start making a real connection. Too few women to consider the mansion a brothel. But Chris Harrison is about to change all that, because he's adding three new women to the house. And it's Chris's sisters. Which, I think, is how most porn starts. But first the group date card arrives. … [Continue reading]

Top Chef fashion: Padma’s best looks

Padma's bow dress: Giulietta

TopChef is kind of like dessert for me. I don't have it often, but when I do...let's just say, I like to have a lot of it. Usually I'll save up a bunch of Top Chefs and then consume them all at one time in a giant binge. Think you watch too much Top Chef? Here are the symptoms: messy kitchen trying to create gourmet meals using only things you can find in your pantry racing through the … [Continue reading]

Girlfriends Guide fashion from Ask the Question Lady


A few weeks ago, I interviewed Cynthia Summers, costume designer for Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, who hinted at a new character joining the Girlfriends. And this week, we were introduced to Abby's estranged bestie, Jo. Straight off the plane from NYC, the no-filter Jo calls 'em like she sees 'em. She's not perfect, but she is honest, pushing Abby to trade in her sanctimommy persona for the … [Continue reading]