Trend to try: Fringe

|1| top |2| dress |3| necklace |4| booties |5| clutch |6| ring |7| sweater |8| jacket |9| purse I went shopping with a friend the other day, and everything she touched had a tassel or pom poms or fringe. “I’m obsessed with embellishment,” she giggled, before throwing on a fringe cardigan and prancing around the […]


  How to wear…Toasted Almond

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/ By far, the biggest loser in the losers for Pantone’s color of the summer has to be Toasted Almond. Seriously, what other color is less flattering on more people than this nudish toast color. In fact, Toasted Almond is so unflattering on most skin tones that some schools have even deemed their cafeteria’s Toasted Almond […]


  Nashville Fashion: Outfits from 4/15

There comes a day in every teen-aged girl’s life when she makes the decision to lie to her parents, date her mom’s ex-fiance’s son and sneak out to a Christina Aguillera concert. I mean, it’s practically a rite of passage, like getting your period or being on Teen Mom. But, on last night’s Nashville, that’s exactly […]