Mindy Project Fashion: Season 3 premiere


The first minutes of last night's Mindy Project premiere was a tour de force, like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, without the bloodshed, war, or Matt Damon. And really, are they all that different? I think it was the great General George C Marshall who put it best: Love is a Battlefield. I kid. I kid. (Seriously, you guys did know I was kidding, right? Sarcasm is a lost art these … [Continue reading]

Jess’s floral dress from New Girl Premiere

Jess's floral wedding dress: Eva Franco Renee Dress

So New Girl is back, and the premiere was pretty funny. Jess and her roommates all attend a wedding, and make a collaborative agreement to get laid, dubbing themselves "the sex fist" because there are five of them, and not because the double entendre makes me so uncomfortable you could write an entire episode around my embarrassment even typing the words sex and fist together. To me the most … [Continue reading]

Mindy Project Fashion Season 3 interview with Salvador Perez costume designer

The Mindy Project - Season 3 - Promotional Poster

For three seasons, I've had a one way love affair with Mindy Kaling. As writer, executive producer and actor on Fox's The Mindy Project, I can't think of a single show that "gets me" more than Mindy. From preemptively carbo loading before a night of binge drinking (been there) to unfortunate haircuts and heartbreak, Mindy Lahiri unapologetically is herself - something we all strive to be. … [Continue reading]

25 things. 25% off at J Crew promo code


The crisp air has me dreaming of hot lattes, chunky sweaters, fur lined boots, and oversized cargo jackets. And while some of you (the lucky some of you) are enjoying the last days of summer, J Crew is thinking about it's Chicago-consituency with a 25% off select items. Here are my favorites to wear now (and when the rest of you catch up to the capital of the Polar Vortex.) Use the code … [Continue reading]

A-Z Fashion: Interview with Costume Designer Mary Kate Killilea


NBC's new rom-com A-Z is like the small screen version of 500 Days of Summer. At its center, the adorable Cristin Milioti, the mother from How I Met your Mother, as Zelda, and Ben Feldman, my future boyfriend as Andrew. Narrated by Katy Segal, the show documents Andrew and Zelda's relationship from their first encounter, to their ultimate breakup over the course of eight months. The show is … [Continue reading]

Heather’s burnout sweatshirt from Million Dollar Listing

Heather from Million Dollar Listing's burnout sweatshirt: IRO

I realize that Possessionista has been a little slow lately, but I promise now that Fall TV is premiering, things will be busier than ever around here. And until that time when Juliette Barnes, Olivia Pope and Emily Thorne return to primetime, we'll always have Bravo. … [Continue reading]

7 No Fail Fall outfits


I don't know about you guys, but where I live the weather dipped down into the 50's and I immediately contracted a case of the itchy finger: you know, the overwhelming desire to click, click, click my way to a new fall wardrobe? I happen to love fall clothes, but I also know how easy it is to throw on your yoga pants and stay there all day. This fall, I'm committed to (at least try) to get … [Continue reading]

Selfie Fashion preview: Interview with Danielle Launzel, costume designer


One of the most anticipated shows - at least by my standards - is ABC's new show Selfie. The story of Eliza, a social-media obsessed narcissist who discovers that just because you're "liked" doesn't mean anyone likes you. The show has been touted as a kind of updated version of My Fair Lady, but after viewing the pilot, I just had to interview Danielle Launzel, the show's costume designer, who … [Continue reading]