Shop for a cause: Megan Runser for Bauble Bar

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.58.42 PM

Generally speaking, this blog doesn't do a whole lot for mankind. It's shallow and vapid, and if I really think about it, it's kind of irresponsible that I encourage you to blow off work and your kids and the gym to watch TV and buy clothes that you don't really need. But this is not one of those posts. The beautiful Megan Runser is Bauble Bar's first ever customer guest bartender. The … [Continue reading]

Revenge Fashion: Clothes from Meteor


This week's Revenge left me asking one very important question. Charlotte knows that Emily is Amanda Clark. Victoria knows that Emily is Amanda Clark. Jack knows that Emily is Amanda Clark. David Clark knows that Emily is Amanda Clark. Nolan knows that Emily is Amanda Clark. So why does everybody keep calling her Emily Thorne? Check out more Revenge fashion and … [Continue reading]

A to Z fashion: C is for curiouser


  On this week's A to Z (I really hate this show's name. Do I say A-Z? Is there a space between the hyphen? Do I spell out t-o?) Zelda and Andrew discover that doing an Internet search on someone you're dating can have a crippling effect on your relationship. But this is stupid. Who hasn't Googled someone before a date? The answer is Andrew. And probably the Amish. (Do the Amish … [Continue reading]

Fall Closet Cleanout: Shop my Closet


So, a lot has happened in the last year. The most significant - at least as far as you guys are concerned - is that I moved. When I unloaded the boxes from storage 9 months ago, there were more than a few items I wasn't quite ready to part with so I gave myself a deadline: anything I didn't wear by Halloween (which meant I'd hit all four seasons) needed to find a new home. These aren't … [Continue reading]

Scandal fashion: Like father like daughter

Olivia Pope's open cardigan: M. Patmos

  This week on Scandal, Olivia Pope delivered one of the greatest Scandal-related monologues of all time, casually waving about her all encompassing connections and power, all the while threatening two pond-scum-sucking imbeciles trying to blackmail the president without even raising her voice. Olivia Pope explained how, with the snap of her smartphone and a quick text to her Facebook … [Continue reading]

Nashville Fashion: Clothes from I feel bad for myself

Juliette's press conference blouse: Twelfth Street

There is nothing I hate more than TV amnesia. What is it about TV writing that, as viewers, we're expected to just forget that two seasons ago, Avery was in a committed relationship with Scarlet, but still chose to cheat on her and screw his way into a record deal? Now suddenly, Juliet does the exact same thing with Jeff Fordham and were supposed to feel ohsosorry for Avery that he's getting … [Continue reading]

Parenthood fashion: Clothes from a Potpurri of Freaks

Kristina's grey sweater: Brochu Walker  Kristina's pink scarf: Joes

Last night I went to a Parenthood viewing party. It's not as lame as it sounds. It was just a group of middle aged women, sitting around eating licorice and popcorn and drinking wine and discussing who is going to die and whether Joel and Julia should get back together and WTF Sarah Braverman is doing with her life. Okay, maybe it is as lame as it sounds. I kid, I kid. For several … [Continue reading]

Last chance to take 25% off Shopbop

Janessa Leon

You know, there's a reason the ShopBop friends and family sale lasts three days. Because it really requires three passes to shop it thoroughly. The first day? The big stuff. Jeans. Shoes. Sweaters. The stuff you want to wear rightthisminute. The second day? Impulse buys. That itchy feeling like you just wanna buy something because it's a deal? Troll the sale section and take additional … [Continue reading]