Kate’s leather dress from Friends With Better Lives

kate-fwbl _8162254

Kate’s leather dress from Friends with Better Lives

Robert Rodriguez

At first I thought it was just me.

The overwhelming disappointment that Friends with Better Lives is more like Friends with worse writers. The heavy handed, overtly sexual jokes (really, an ejaculating hamburger?) left me feeling like I needed a shower and to binge watch Jessie.

What I hoped for as a palette cleanser after the finale of How I Met Your Mother, felt more like a greasy, overcooked dinner that wasn’t at all satisfying.

With the creator of Friends at its helm and the team from How I Met Your Mother, I guess I’d just hoped someone would come running in wearing a soaking wet wedding dress.

But these characters are so unlikeable, who’d marry them?

The one thing I can say, is that these Friends have better wardrobes than their 90′s counterparts. But if it’s all the same, I’d take Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross’s lives over the new #FWBL any day.

What did you think of Friends with Better Lives? Are you going to keep watching, or unfriend them?

Mercedes’ flared pink dress on Glee


Mercedes’ pink dress on Glee

Anne Klein 

Available in plus size in black at Macy’s

It can be so hard to find a flattering plus size dress and I LOVE the pink dress that Amber Riley wore on last night’s episode of GLEE in the church scene. Can you help find or identify it?
Thanks so much!! – Amy
I have a newish friend who recently lost a lot of weight. She’s a bit of a self-admitted shopaholic and, I suspect, it’s partly related to the sheer amount of clothing that is now available to her.  I was shocked to see, as Amy articulated in her note, how few options there are available to women who’s clothing tag doesn’t fall between 0-12; on most sites there are less than a page of options, compared to the dozens for anyone who can fit into a 12 and below.
It’s so refreshing to see how the costumers at Glee continue to dress Amber Riley as the beautiful, vibrant woman she is. This dress is perfect for her – flattering, feminine and fun.
Fashion is supposed to be aspirational – and I don’t know about you, but I’d wear this dress at any size.
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Mindy’s Blue dress from the Mindy Project: Think Like Peter


Absolutely love blue shoes on and wondering if watches or knows the shoes….

I’ll never forget in college when a girl from my sorority confided in us that she’d left her underpants at a nearby fraternity after a one-night-stand to ensure she’d see the guy again.

We were all mortified – both at her calculation and also at the sheer revoltingness of leaving one’s day-old drawers in a house full of beer guzzling meatheads.

Needless to say, he never called.

And she never lived it down.

This week on the Mindy Project, Mindy confuses her suitor’s haste for interest when he leaves his scarf after a quick escape the morning after.

Apparently, more than a decade after my sorority sister’s walk of shame, women are still confused that the best way to get a guy to call her is by not sleeping with him on the first date.

And definitely not showing up at his place of work acting like a psycho.

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Lasa Poppy Print DressFlorete Suede Point Toe Court Shoe

Mindy’s Blue dress from the Mindy Project: LK Bennett

Mindy Kaling’s blue shoes from the Mindy Project: LK Bennett


Mindy’s leather trim green dress on her date Cynthia Vincent (use code INTHEFAMILY14 to take 25% off on this dress and everything at Shopbop) mindy-studded_8259756

Mindy’s studded sleeve dress Cynthia Steffe


Mindy’s sheer, white and gold blouse Hale Bob

What I wore

 View More: http://stephaniebassos.pass.us/dsw10313888_1619289_1000LaSoula_Fall_candi_necklace_1024x1024

Flower sleeve shirt: Equipment

La Soula candy necklace

Waaaahhh! I don’t live in the Chicago area. Love the shirt and necklace you’re wearing. :)

One of the hardest things (besides fitting into my jeans and astrophysics) is trying to figure out the right outfit for an event. You never want to look like you tried to hard but you also can’t show up in your Lululemons (believe me, I would if I could.) And I hate buying something for an event that I know I’ll never wear again. (I’m talking to you brides-to-be.)

I was so excited to stumble upon this Equipment blouse right in time for the DSW event.  I could easily see this blouse transforming from a Thursday night with jeans, to a Saturday night dressy event with leather pants and sky high heels and it looked great with this LaSoula candy necklace, that my friend Kim made for me.

It’s always validating when someone asks you where you got your shirt/purse/dress/boyfriend. So, thanks to all of you who asked me about the shirt and necklace from the DSW event.

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DSW Chi Shoe Lover Party

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A few of my favorite shoes at DSW

When I was in high school, one of my favorite things to do was go with my mom to DSW to browse for hours the seemingly endless rows of shoes. Some of my favorite shoes of all time came from DSW – including a pair of crushed velvet, jeweled ballet slippers that carried me throughout my first pregnancy, when my feet were too swollen to fit into anything else.

In a lot of ways, DSW has been as much a part in molding my love of fashion as any TV show or celebrity.

Last week, I was honored to be chosen by DSW to host it’s Chi Shoe Lover party, to celebrate the remodel of its enormous store in Lincoln Park. More than 100 guests, including readers and Twitter followers stopped by for margaritas, organic bites and to shop for shoes – and it was great to finally put a face to the many names that pop up in my email on a regular basis.

Scroll through the gallery below and check out some of the folks who stopped by DSW and then check out DSW.com, I guarantee you’ll be shocked see the amazing shoes (and even more amazing deals) DSW has to offer.

All photos courtesy of the amazingly talented Stephanie Bassos